One-week-Multilogue on Ecological Transformation taking place in Uppsala, Sweden, October 23-27 2023

Call for Applications

23. Oct - 27. Oct

The Munich School of Philosophy and the Newman Institut in Uppsala, Sweden, are organizing a multilogue on ecological transformation in Uppsala October 23–27, 2023. A limited number of Leuphana students will be able to travel to Sweden to participate in the whole event in Uppsala from October 23 – 27, 2023. Travel and accommodation will be covered for you by the Erasmus+ project “Blended Multilogues”!

In accordance with the Paris agreement, national governments are aiming at preventing man-made global warming from exceeding 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Because of this, politicians are now focusing on reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, in particular CO2, through regulation, taxation, and other means. But the excessive emission of greenhouse gases is part of a greater problem. In order to safeguard a hopeful future for all, societies must be transformed so as to become both ecologically and socially sustainable.
Living within planetary boundaries is an attainable goal. However, finding new ways requires new thinking and new ways of collaborating at all levels of science and society. In turn, successful collaboration, requires openness and curiosity and willingness to learn on all sides.

The purpose of the event is to learn by multilogue: By opening up a space for inclusive communication, we may explore important and truly complex discussions in an effective way, as well as participate in those discussions.We will explore problems and solutions around some important areas of socio-ecological transformation.

All Leuphana students are invited to apply for participation! Further information can be found here.

The Leuphana multilogue team is looking forward to receiving your application!


  • Astrid Becker, M.A.