Faculty of
Business and Economics

The Faculty of Business and Economics intends together with the different disciplines belonging to it to contribute to solutions of economic and social relevant challenges in researchment and transfer. The members of the Faculty strive for offering a profound scientific and practical relevant education to the students of the three schools College, Graduate School, and Professional School, that enables a professional and responsible thinking and action in different fields of activity and based on high-quality results of researchment.

More than 70 professorships are settled in the Faculty of Business and Economics, which cover a broad disciplinary and interdisciplinary spectrum of important basics as well as innovative fields of researchment, action and teaching fields. Methodical and contently the disciplines of Business Administration, Engineering, Law, Economics, Business Computer Science, Business Education, and Business Psychology are represented. The Faculty developped an action leading vision and mission for itself.

The connections between the disciplines are very important for the Leuphana University and the Faculty of Business and Economics. So in the Bachelor studies at the College different economic related subjects can be combined as major and minor. In the Master studies at the Graduate School most of the studies, for which the Faculty of Business and Economics has specialist responsibilty, have a common interdisciplinary "management" share.  The doctoral studies offer professional reflection in the doctoral research groups of the Faculty as well as interdisciplinary modules across faculties, theory of science, ethics, and methods.

A special strength of the Faculty's work lies in its focus on practical relevance. It contributes to the regional economic development in Northern Germany. Many contacts to enterprises and politics enable development and transfer projects, lectures by practitioners, and often the get-to-know of future employers already during the study.

The members of the Faculty focus in their research within the Academic Initiative Management and Entrepreneurship on empirical entrepreneural, political, and social relevant questions and their transfer.

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