The main foc­us of the Fac­ul­ty of Educati­on lies on the indivi­du­al and in­s­ti­tut­i­o­nal condi­ti­o­ns, pr­oc­es­ses and re­s­ul­ts of lear­ning. Within the scope of the univer­si­ty-wide Educati­o­nal Re­se­arch Science Ini­t­i­ati­ve, ac­a­d­e­mics in the Fac­ul­ty ana­l­y­ze the develop­me­nt of pr­imary and second­ary school stu­de­n­ts as fut­u­re age­n­ts of civil society in light of he­terog­e­neo­us fa­m­ily bac­kgrounds, school con­di­ti­o­ns and lear­ning si­tuati­o­ns. For this purp­o­se, educati­o­nal scienc­es (pedagogy, psycho­l­ogy) are combined with the teac­hing subjec­ts of Ger­m­an, Engl­ish, mat­he­matics, gen­eral science and soc­ial studi­es, pol­i­tics, rel­igio­us educati­on, art, music, physic­al educati­on, bio­l­ogy and che­mi­s­try as well as busin­ess and soc­ial educati­on. The Fac­ul­ty of Educati­on has abo­ut 35 pr­ofe­s­sorships with a total staff nu­mb­er of appr­ox­imately 150.


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