Quality Advisory Board

Advice on Quality Development

The Quality Advisory Board of the University advises the Executive Committee on the further development of Leuphana's Quality Management.

Its other tasks include the promotion of quality culture in studies and teaching as well as the support of teaching development.

The Quality Advisory Board consists of the following members:

  •     the responsible member of the Presidium (Chair)
  •     two to three external quality management experts from the academic field
  •     one or two external quality management experts from the field of professional practice
  •     a student or an alumnus or alumna with experience in quality management.

Members of the Quality Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Jetta Frost

Sabine Josch

Prof. Dr. Volker Linneweber

Kristian Ludwig

Prof. Dr. Uwe Schmidt

Student Member

The student perspective is represented in the Quality Advisory Board by changing participants on a topic-specific basis.

Contact Persons

Prof. Dr. Markus Reihlen

Gisa Heuser

Norbert Sattler