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In order to stimulate the dialogue about teaching between teachers and students, we offer various support options centrally through the Leuphana Teaching Evaluation Team - located in Team Q.
On the one hand, it is possible to obtain feedback from students with the help of course evaluation (LVE) and to contrast it with the perceptions of teachers. The LVE is a central, standardised and anonymous survey system based on a mainly quantitative questionnaire.
On the other hand, within the framework of the Qualitative Feedback project, we offer various possibilities to discuss teaching with students in other, more qualitative ways.

1. Course Evaluation (LVE)


General Conditions



2. Qualitative Feedback

Within the framework of a cooperation between the Leuphana teaching evaluation (Hanna Haubert), the Leuphana teaching service (Anke Brehl), the network "Leuphana ... auf dem Weg!" (LadW; Judith Braun) and the Methodology Centre (Prof. Dr. Regine Herbrik), the aim was to promote qualitative feedback in teaching.

The first step in winter semester 2015/16 was to bring together interested or experienced teachers and to stimulate a visibility of already existing teaching as well as an exchange. In addition, the needs of the participants were collected and evaluated.

In a second step, a centrally supported qualitative feedback method was developed. This was tested for the first time in winter semester 2016/17.

Furthermore, various communication channels are to be expanded and tested so that teachers can inform themselves about the multitude of already known qualitative feedback methods.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the project, please feel free to contact those involved in the project.


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