Additional measures to deal with the energy crisis


Against the background of the experiences from the Corona pandemic, it is Leuphana's goal to continue to ensure its operation as a presence university, in particular out of responsibility for the academic success of its students, as unrestrictedly as possible. From Leuphana's point of view, significant restrictions on university operations must be avoided at all costs. Against this background, Leuphana is implementing the following additional energy-saving measures in the winter semester 2022/23, partly due to legal requirements and regulations:

Technology: The building and systems technology has been and will be further optimised. Hot water supply in the buildings will be dispensed with where possible, ventilation control will be optimised to optimise cooling requirements and heat loss, and the external heat supply will be interrupted at outside temperatures above 22°C.

Heating: During the heating season, in view of §6 of the EnSikuMaV (Ordinance on Securing the Energy Supply via Short-term Measures), workrooms for physically light and predominantly sedentary activities (office activities) may only be heated to a maximum of 19°C. This corresponds to a maximum of 20°C with controllable thermostats. This corresponds approximately to level 2-3 for controllable thermostats.

Cooling: The room temperature is adapted to the outside temperature and the cooling of buildings is reduced during the warm season.

Lighting: The lighting at Leuphana has already been converted to LEDs to a very large extent; any parts that are still missing will be retrofitted in the near future.

Company shutdown: The Presidium is currently in consultation with the Staff Council about an extended company shutdown between Christmas and New Year. We will provide more detailed information on the resulting regulations for working hours and places of work once the consultations have been completed.

Lighting: The lighting at Leuphana has already been converted to LEDs to a very large extent; any parts that are still missing will be retrofitted soon. In the wake of the energy crisis, parts of the outdoor lighting on campus will be switched off at night between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., insofar as this is possible without posing a particular risk to path safety.

Space utilisation: Further measures include the pooling of space for teaching, optimisation of seminar room occupancy and compressed use of laboratory and office space, e.g. through the use of desk sharing.

Raising awareness: All university members can make an important contribution to saving energy and should therefore be made more aware of energy-saving measures. The Sustainability Officer will therefore conduct a corresponding campaign in the winter semester 2022/23. In addition, University Communications regularly publishes resource-saving tips in the internal newsletter Leuphana Facetten.

Long-term construction measures: Leuphana is looking into significant long-term investments in energy-saving measures, including, for example, the replacement of old windows with modern windows with forced rebate ventilation and current insulation values, the use of heat-insulating or reflective film on glass elements, the use of waste heat from server rooms, the installation of additional motion detectors and timers, the collection of rainwater for toilet flushing or irrigation, or the renovation of building envelopes. The further expansion of photovoltaic systems is also being examined.