EU Eco-Management

Environmental management system according to EMAS (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme)

Since the year 2000, Leuphana University has been able to look back on a successfully implemented environmental management system according to EMAS and has continuously improved its environmental performance since then. It was one of the first universities in Europe to implement EMAS and thus voluntarily does more to protect the environment than is required by law. It is audited annually by a state-approved environmental verifier and publishes its operational environmental protection in an environmental statement.

The activities of university members have an adverse effect on the environment in the form of emissions, waste and resource consumption. All these environmental aspects were recorded and evaluated. If an environmental aspect has a significant environmental impact, it is essential and must be integrated into the environmental management system. The essential environmental impacts were again determined and evaluated. The environmental aspect of transport, especially the choice of transport for employees and students on their way to university, is currently the environmental aspect with the greatest need for action. The environmental aspects of waste, nature conservation, heat and procurement are of average importance.