Sustainability report

Sustainability Report 2020

At Leuphana, sustainability is regarded and practised as a cross-cutting issue in all areas of activity: research, education, society and campus operations. All areas are interlinked and complement each other. Since 2007, the university has been releasing information on the development of implementation of its guiding principle of sustainability.

JOURNAL of the Sustainability Report 2020

The journal highlights the fields of activity of sustainable Leuphana.

Journal 2020 as flip page reading version (Issuu) and for download.


— Research team develops more environmentally friendly antibiotics, Prof. Dr. Kümmerer

— Research in Tanzania and Zambia: For people and animals, Prof. Dr. Loos


— Suddenly a scientist

— On to new horizons


— Future city 2030+ for tomorrow‘s Lüneburg

— ‘Wind does not write bills’, Prof. Dr. Schomerus

Campus Operations

— ‘The German language is often very restrictive’

— More biodiversity on the university campus

Sustainability Report 2020

The sixth Sustainability Report 2020 with all information and data can be viewed here (only available in German)

University specific sustainability code

Leuphana University Lüneburg has applied the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and submitted its declaration of compliance to the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), which was successfully audited.