Combined Teaching

Teachers have the possibility to choose a combined course format. This means that the event is not exclusively either in presence, online or hybrid, but is a combination of the variations mentioned above.

It is possible here, for example, that a changing subgroup of the seminar meets in presence at the time of the course without the rest of the seminar group being connected via video, as it is done in the hybrid format. The participants who are not present would receive tasks for self-study as well as a digitally available documentation of the results developed by the presence-group. It would be important to observe the principle of equal treatment, so that all participants would have the same opportunity to take part in face-to-face sessions on site. Of course, other combined scenarios are also possible.

In any case, it is advisable to be transparent with regard to the exact design and also to involve the students to a certain extent in the decisions. They are in varying situations due to their place of residence, their technical equipment, the degree of the scheduled workload and the degree of stress caused by video conference participation.