Exchange in the Digital Summer Semester 2020

The conversion of teaching into digital formats in the Summer Semester 2020 means a major change for all lecturers. This comes along with challenges, but also opportunities and a lot of potential for creative ideas. Good teaching does not only depend on the individual and personal teaching competence; good teaching is a joint task that lives, among other things, from the collegial exchange of experiences.

In order to facilitate this exchange of experience and collegial support among teachers, the Leuphana Teaching Service has created the following formats or rooms for you:

  • 1. Discussion Forums for the "Digital Summer Semester"

1. Discussion Forums for the "Digital Summer Semester"

In these discussion forums, you can exchange ideas on a collegial level on topics, questions, experiences, etc. related to the digital summer semester of 2020. If you click on the following link, you must first register on Moodle. Please use your myStudy username and password. You can access the forums here.

Another possibility for the exchange between colleagues and/or students, whether it is teaching related or within research groups, is Rocket.Chat. This Leuphana messanger service not only offers opportunities for protected, i.e. in contrast to other messangers, non-commercial ad hoc communication, but also enables the creation of a broader information platform (a public channel) on specific topics. An example is the channel "# #irgendwas_mit_Digitalisierung", which was initiated by the Kolleg:innen of the cooperation service and which you can subscribe to after logging in at Rocket.Chat. Here, interested parties exchange information and network on topics and projects of digitisation in teaching, research, transfer or administration. Further information and access to the Rocket.Chat of Leuphana can be found here.