Teaching at the Leuphana Seminar and as part of the Complementary Studies programme

Interview series

The Leuphana Seminar and Complementary Studies programme are integral parts of the interdisciplinary Bachelor degree programme at Leuphana College. 

This starts with the Leuphana Seminar: All first-semester students study not just methods and technical principles, but also investigate societal challenges. The scope of the Leuphana Seminar across subject boundaries continues during the Complementary Studies programme. 

Complementary Studies flanks subject studies from the second semester. This programme enables students at the college to investigate problems without bias using less familiar approaches by learning to reflect on their subject studies from the perspectives of different subjects.

Interview excerpts

The College held interviews with lecturers of Leuphana University of Lüneburg to discuss their personal experiences with this special study concept: