Feedback Tools

In the dialogue between teachers and students and through their mutual feedback, decisive impulses for the further development of studies and teaching are created. The acceptance of responsibility for one's own studies and the willingness to consider the ideas and perspectives of others for one's own teaching characterize an active and progressive university community.

At Leuphana you will be supported in this process by various instruments for feedback and evaluation of teaching and studies.

Teaching evaluation at Leuphana University (LEva) includes, on the one hand, surveys of students and lecturers on the quality of study and teaching as well as dialogue-oriented formats. On the course level, both the questionnaire-based instrument of course evaluation (LVE) and the qualitative feedback format Shift! are used. In addition, students, graduates and alumni are interviewed about their studies at regular intervals (system surveys), focusing on entire study programs and the general conditions of the study program.

LVE (Course Evaluation)

  •  Survey of students and teachers
  •  within a course

System surveys

  •  Survey of students
  •  cross-study programme (aggregated results from 15 or more participants in the study programme)

Shift! qualitative feedback

  •  Dialogue between students and teachers
  •  within a course or a module

The Leuphana Teaching Evaluation team is there to advise the teachers. On the one hand, it is available to moderate the feedback dialogues and, on the other hand, it designs the various survey formats, carries them out and makes the evaluation available to the client. Aggregated data from the surveys are prepared for the quality circles (see below).

Beyond teaching evaluation, regulated instruments for quality development ensure that ideas and results are incorporated into the improvement of courses, modules, study programmes and the general conditions. Quality circles of study programmes are usually held annually (major) or every two years (minor). Here, programme managers, students and lecturers discuss the conditions and challenges of study programmes - also on the basis of aggregated survey data from teaching evaluation (see above) - and agree on measures for quality development. The implementation of these measures will be reviewed at the next quality circle and taken into account in the internal review process for the (re-)accreditation of study programmes.

In the summer semester 2020 the survey instruments of the course evaluation (LVE) as well as the system surveys will be available in digital form as usual.

Shift! is available this semester as a qualitative feedback format as well. Our moderators look forward to bringing you and your students into conversation with each other digitally, dialogue-oriented and at eye level in a protected room. Further information on the format and registration options can be found on our homepage.

The same applies to the quality circles, for which you can find current information here.


Kirsten Mülheims

Consultant for System Surveys
Quality Development | Team Q
Fon +49.4131.677-2244

Jana Fiedler

Consultant for Teaching Evaluations
Quality Development | Team Q
Fon +49.4131.677-2471

Sybille Hüfner

Consultant for Evaluation
Quality Development | Team Q
Fon +49.4131.677-2094