• Feedback method bar and university didactics workshop
  • Student/Audience Response Systems
  • Specific Feedback Solutions
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Qualitative Feedback and Feedback Culture

Feedback method bar and university didactics workshop

Dipl.-Päd. Annette Ladwig from the Competence Development Centre for Diversity Management in Studies and Teaching (ComDiM) and from the Centre for University and Quality Development at the University of Duisburg-Essen has developed a feedback method bar together with her colleague Nicole Auferkorte-Michaelis. The link gives you an interesting collection of different feedback methods and information on how to apply them. 

Ms. Annette Ladwig has repeatedly held the annual “Evaluation and feedback” workshop as basic training for the Leuphana Teaching Workshop’s University Didactics Certification Programme. These are one- or two-day workshops at which a group of lecturers and other interested parties can gain a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of the topic.

Student/Audience Response Systems

Student/Audience/Classroom Response Systems are electronic or digital quick survey systems which can be used during courses and whose results can be made available immediately on a computer or shown on a projector.

Their aim is active, direct and fast student involvement in order to obtain feedback on different questions. These might relate to understanding (learning feedback), teaching methods (didactics feedback), opinions, level of knowledge (knowledge feedback) etc. 

We recommend the following web-based systems:

In addition, you borrowso-called clickers as a hardware-based system from Leuphana. 30 Infowhyse (EdiVote Pro Audience Response System) devices are currently available.

Find out more here (e.g. a comparison of the different web-based systems).

Specific Feedback Solutions

Dipl.-Psych. Hanna Haubert - Teaching Evaluation Coordinator - has already developed specific feedback solutions for the following contexts: 

Feedback on Feedback

Do you have any suggestions that could help us improve? Any ideas of what feedback methods could be added for teaching at Leuphana? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Coordinator at Leuphana
Course evaluation (LVE)