Shift! is also available in the Online Summer - our moderators look forward to bringing you and your students into dialogue digitally and at eye level in a sheltered room! To achieve this, we rely on two detailed preliminary talks (one with you, one with your students), the video conferencing tool Zoom incl. group work rooms as well as shared documents in the Academic Cloud for the documentation of results.

Alternatively, you and your students may, of course, also conduct a structured feedback session yourselves. We have gathered a few thoughts on this subject on Shift!@home (see below).


Feedback with Shift!

Shift! provides you with a qualitative feedback format for teaching.

Teachers and students enter into a dialogue on the teaching-learning situation in a course with the support of an external moderator, give each other feedback and take joint responsibility for successful teaching and learning. Shift! creates an opportunity for students and teachers to communicate directly about the conditions for success in a course. This supports both a change of perspective and transparency regarding goals and resources.

Shift! can be used sensibly in situations where teachers and students

  •  want to give or receive feedback on their concrete teaching or learning behaviour,
  •  want to stimulate an open discourse and reflect on themselves and the situation,
  •  want to strengthen the teaching-learning relationship between teachers and students
  •  want to discuss and solve conflicts

After you have registered for the program, one of our moderators will contact you and arrange a short preliminary meeting to clarify your concerns and expectations. The Shift! dialogue in your class will take about 45 minutes and includes both (possibly separate) group work phases on specific issues, a joint detailed discussion and the preparation of a (written) agreement between the students and you.

We recommend using Shift! in the middle of the semester so that you can implement the ideas discussed during the course.


To conduct Shift! in your course in the summer semester 2020, please send an email to by May 12, 2020 and register for the preliminary talk.

Please also provide us with the following information: the title of your course, the approximate group size, the language and your preferred date for Shift! in your course. We will get back to you by 18 May 2020 at the latest.


The feedback session itself should be scheduled for about 45 minutes.Our moderation team, which will carry out Shift! at the desired date in your course, usually is a tandem formed with a member of the teaching service or quality development team (Team Q) together with a student co-moderator.

The process is divided into four sections:

  •  Short introduction of the qualitative feedback format Shift!
  •  Group phase: Students discuss the previously agreed guiding questions in small groups and visualize their results, the teacher(s) also document their perspectives on the guiding questions
  •  Joint discussion: presentation of the results of the group phase, discussion and exchange, change of perspective
  •  Agreement between students and lecturers on the further procedure or further development of the course

After completion of Shift!, the moderators create a short report on the process, a documentation of the results and the agreement. You will also receive a certificate for participation.


General conditions

Shift! is used as a supplement to the questionnaire-based, predominantly quantitative course evaluation (LVE). The conditions of the evaluation regulations and the quality agreements remain in place. A participation is voluntary and free of charge for you.


Shift!@home is a new and easy-to-use format which can be moderated by you as a teacher or by 1-2 students from your course. Shift!@home supports the change of perspective, promotes dialogue at eye level and contributes to the success of the course through open exchange. Especially in digital formats, informal feedback is often neglected and many ideas for improving learning and teaching do not come into focus. This can be addressed explicitly through Shift!@home.


30 minutes


Define 2-3 key questions
--> During our Shift! experience, it has turned out to be a good idea to put up for discussion a question about the conditions for the success of good (digital) teaching ("What have we achieved?"), a question about the challenges ("What could have been better?") and a question about visions ("How would it be optimal if we did it again?").
---> You can also set your own priorities, of course.


  3 min Introduction presenting the key questions
10 min Breakout sessions with max 5 participants per group to work on the key questions
15 min Joint discussion (all groups are heard, all guiding questions addressed)
  2 min Closing round


teacher or 1-2 students

The Shift! team is happy to be at your disposal for consultation, reflection and an exchange of experiences! Until the end of the semester we offer an open consultation hour (Mon 10-11 and Thu 14-15, Zoom ID 949 8315 3332, PW 594078) and are available for individual consultation appointments at


Anke Brehl

Consultant for University Didactics
Leuphana Teaching Service
Fon 04131.677-2978

Katharina Trostorff

Consultant for Evaluation
Quality Development | Team Q
Fon 04131.677-1079


Anke Brehl

Consultant for University Didactics
Leuphana Teaching Service
Fon 04131.677-2978

Jana Fiedler

Consultant for Teaching Evaluations
Quality Development | Team Q
Fon +49.4131.677-2471

Dr. Judith Gurr

Consultant for  Dialogue-Focused Teaching
Leuphana Teaching Service
Fon +49.4131.677-2709


Sybille Hüfner

Consultant for Evaluation
Quality Development | Team Q
Fon +49.4131.677-2094

Kirsten Mülheims

Consultant for System Surveys
Quality Development | Team Q
Fon +49.4131.677-2244

Katharina Trostorff

Consultant for Evaluation
Quality Development | Team Q
Fon +49.4131.677-1079

Student Moderators


Contact: shif­t_­stud@leu­pha­


Lisa Bren­ner


Anna Fahr


Gesa Frahm


Frauke Hinz


Lena Michelsen


Richard Schoft