Do you have a general enquiry or message for the Teaching Service? If so, please use our central function address You are also welcome to contact our colleagues in the Teaching Service directly. The contact details can be found below.


  • Dr. Julia Webersik

Application and project support
Teaching-related development processes
Coordination Jour Fixe Study Deans

Deputy Director

  • Dr. Judith Gurr

Teaching service assistant

  • Katrin Soudil

Project coordination "Leuphana... auf dem Weg!" (LadW) - On Parental Leave

  • Floris Knoll

Dialogical Learning Specialist

  • Dr. Judith Gurr

Consulting, Service, Support
Focal points: Dialogue-oriented teaching design; interactive and collaborative learning (especially in large events); blended learning; (e)portfolio; SHIFT!


Digital Learning Specialist

  • Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Rosa Arnold

Consulting, Service, Support
Focal points: all digital learning platforms and tools of Leuphana (especially Moodle, myPortfolio, EvaExam), media production, digitally supported teaching and learning, eAssessment, coordination of myPortfolio-network and student Digi-Support team


E-Learning & Diversity Specialist

  • Verena Eickhoff

Consulting, Service, Support
Focal points: digitally supported teaching and learning, interaction and collaborative learning, diversity-based teaching, writing-intensive teaching, portfolio work


Experiential Learning Specialist

  • Nathan Clendenin

Consulting, Service, Support


Inter-& Transdisciplinary and Digital Learning Specialist

  • Katharina Trostorff, M.A.

Consulting, Service, Support
Focal points: Hybrid teaching, digitally supported teaching (tools and scenarios), trans- and interdisciplinary teaching


Teaching Development Specialist

  • Dipl. Soz. Anke Brehl

Training program for teachers, consulting, SHIFT!, (conflict) moderation
Focal points: Qualification and competencies for teaching, feedback and interaction in teaching


Teaching Development Specialist

  • Dipl.-Psych. Gesche Keding

Coaching (systemic), process and, if required, conflict moderation, needs-oriented workshops/further training
Focal points: Program/curriculum development, interdisciplinary teaching, research-based learning


Student & research assistants

  • Nina Abel
  • Stella Eick
  • Ande Eitner
  • Gesa Frahm
  • Carl Hartmann
  • Emma Kennedy
  • Lena Michelsen
  • Richard Schoft