Academic Cloud

With academicCloud Sync&Share, it is possible to keep directories on the same level with client programs installed on PCs and laptops and optionally allow access to individual directories to other users (including external ones). You can also access your data with a web browser and your mobile devices.

Working on the monitored files is also possible offline, changes are then transmitted and received with the next online connection. The way of working is comparable to other known Sync&Share solutions with few restrictions but also new possibilities. The system is located in a modern data center at the GWDG in Göttingen and data storage is carried out according to German and European data protection and data security guidelines.

What Features Does Academic Cloud Sync&Share Offer?

  •  File synchronization between multiple computers
  •  Sharing and approval of folders, e.g. for collaborative work on documents
  •  Share and release individual files, e.g. as an alternative for sending large e-mail attachments
  •  Mobile access to your files via IOS, Android and Web
  •  Online editing of Office documents in the browser

How Can I Use the Service?

  •  Log in to the service website with your Leuphana account.
  •  Download and install the client.
  •  You can now log on to the service with the client and set up the first folder.
  •  Do you want to give other users* access to the data in this folder? Then share this folder with other users. You can change the membership of a folder at any time.

Academic Cloud as anAalternative for Dropbox and Google Docs

All university members in Lower Saxony have the opportunity to use Academic Cloud.

Academic Cloud offers the advantage that, in contrast to commercial solutions such as Dropbox or Google Docs, it complies with data protection regulations and there maintenance staff at every university who can advise on the possibilities and funtionalities of the Academic Cloud.

How to Collaborate via Academic Cloud

Information on this will follow shortly.


Do you have questions about the functionalities and use of Academic Cloud for your teaching?
Then, please contact the Support Team Digital Teaching at: