The MIZ manual for using Rocket.Chat can be found here (Intranet).

The download file for Rocket.Chat for Windows, Linux and MacOs can be found here. For Android and iPhone please visit the PlayStore or AppStore.

You can easily activate your Leuphana account for Rocket.Chat yourself. To do so, log in with your account at and select "Profiles" from the navigation bar. In the tab "Permissions" you will find the service Rocket.Chat. Check the box and at the bottom of the page, check the question "Terms and Conditions read and accepted." Then press the button "Change permission."

You then register for Rocket.Chat with your account either in your browser at the web address or with the installed Rocket.Chat client on your computer. Important

: If you use the client, you have to enter the server address once before logging in. To do this, press "+" on the left side of the navigation bar ( at the computer) or enter as server URL. At your smartphone press the button "Connect to a server" and add this address. Afterwards you can log in with your Leuphana account. This allows you to contact all activated users and create your own groups/channels. Your login usually is being saved, so you don't have to register anew in the future.


Do you have any questions about the functionalities and didactic applications of RocketChat?
If so, please contact the Support Team Digital Teaching at: