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Services and Support for Teaching in the Summer Semester 2020

- Latest update of the following contents: 14.04.2020 -

The current situation caused by the corona protection measures is also a great challenge for the lecturers of the Leuphana. University Lueneburg. Current and basic information on the start of the semester, examinations and teaching in the summer semester 2020 has been and will be communicated via the central distribution lists and can be accessed here at any time.

On the pages of the Teaching Service you will find information on the service and support offers for lecturers in order to keep teaching operations running at their best. A lot of helpful information, instructions and examples on digital learning platforms, tools and the production of videos can already be found on the pages in the Support & Tools section.

In addition, the Leuphana Teahing Service is happy to support you in the didactic planning of your courses, e.g. by providing you with reflection based on the objectives of your course for exchange and advice on suitable forms of learning, methods and (digital) tools for your course.

Do you have questions about the implementation of digital teaching-learning formats? Be it of a technical or didactic nature; the Support Team Digital Teaching will be happy to assist you. Simply send an e-mail with your specific question to: digi-support@leuphana.de.

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  • Measures and Offers to Support Lecturers in the Summer Semester 2020
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Information on Teaching in the Summer Semester 2020

In order to maintain teaching activities in the upcoming summer semester, the opportunities offered by digital teaching can be used. In addition, there are many possibilities to use formats known from classroom teaching in a modified way in order to enable students to have a productive semester despite the difficult circumstances, knowing fully well that these attempts will not be able to fully compensate for the loss of classroom teaching.
The following scenarios are conceivable for the implementation of the course, whereby you will certainly see and try out many more possibilities from your broad teaching experience:

Option 1: Coordinated Self Study

Through myStudy they provide students with literature as well as suitable questions or tasks that the students have to work on. The students either upload the results to myStudy or send them to you by e-mail. It would also be a good idea, provided that the technical possibilities allow it, to regularly provide common formats for all seminar participants* at the time of the course (preferably Zoom for oral exchange, the myStudy Forum or Etherpad for simultaneous written exchange).

Futher Information on the usage of ZOOM can be found here as well as in the ZOOM Help Center.

Further information on the myStudy forum and Etherpad can be found here.

Option 2: Integration of Multimedia Elements

In addition to option 1, there is the possibility to support teaching digitally with simple means, e.g. by using the recording function of PowerPoint to add an audio track directly to your slides or record an accompanying audio file with your own smartphone. Subsequently, you can upload it to myStudy in order to make it accessible for your students.

You can find tips and instructions on how you could do your teaching with very simple and familiar means here.

Option 3: Moodle Course & Additional Digital Tools

In addition to option 1 and 2, the possibility is currently being created that you can easily generate a Moodle course room for your seminar or lecture, using the corresponding buttons on myStudy. In order to facilitate the start, we have developed three pre-structured course templates. These course templates can be individually adapted and extended. Instructions, tutorials and support materials for Moodle can be found here.

You can also find further information, material and contact details for many other digital and media production tools on the Leuphana pages of the Leuphana Teachign Service. The contents of these pages are continuously supplemented by current support materials such as handouts, tutorials, link collections and examples. So, it is worthwhile to visit the pages regularly!

Measures and Offers to Support Lecturers in the Summer Semester 2020

The following measures have already been implemented or are planned for in the near future. This website is updated continuously, so that you can always find the most recent infromation here.

1. Handbook "Digital Teaching and Learning with the Simplest Means": You can find the handbook and further tips on how you can implement digital teaching and learning with simple means here.

2. Support Team Digital Teaching: For all questions concerning digital teaching, teachers at Leuphana can contact the Support Team at the following address: digi-support@leuphana.de.This page is updated regularly and informs you about the implementation status of the described measures. Do you have further needs and support requests? Then please feel free to contact the teaching service at any time (lehrservice@leuphana.de).

3. Stable Video Conference Systems for Large Groups: Leuphana is introducing the video conference solution ZOOM to support home office work and as an important tool for switching to online teaching. ZOOM enables video and telephone conferences to be held in high quality with up to 300 participants. Further information and instructions can be found here.

4. Leuphana video platform myVideo. With myVideo, a video platform is available on which teachers can make their audio and video files available to students regardless of their file size. Depending on their settings, students can view (stream) or download the videos provided there. In contrast to YouTube, videos can be made available via myVideo in a non-public space to which, for example, only people with a myStudy account have access. Further information and instructions for myVideo can be found here.

4. Online Courses with Moodle: From now on you can generate an additional Moodle course for your myStudy courses. In addition to the information and communication platform myStudy, Moodle is a learning platform that allows you to design digital course rooms with corresponding teaching/ learning scenarios. Three pre-structured course templates are available for setting up Moodle courses which can be created via a button on myStudy under the tab "Online Teaching". For information on what Moodle offers, how to set up courses, instructions and support services, click here.

5. Structured and Commented Link Collection: You can access the link collection here.

6. Discussion Forums on the "Digital Summer Semester": In these discussion forums you can exchange ideas on a collegial level about topics, questions, experiences etc. related to the digital summer semester. If you click on the following link, you must first register with Moodle. Please use your myStudy username and password. You can access the forums here.

7. Guidelines for Revising the myStudy Course Descriptions: The guide is intended as a guide for revising your course descriptions on myStudy so that students know what to expect in your course during the digital summer semester. In the sense of a checklist, the guide contains information and suggestions to help you decide which information is important for students in this context and where best to place this information in myStudy. You can find this guide here.

Profile and Tasks - About Us

As a service unit for teaching development, the Leuphana Teaching Service supports lecturers, faculties and schools in the further development of study programs, modules and courses as well as the expansion of their own teaching competence. The main focus is on providing support for teaching-related applications, offers for further qualification and a wide range of support services, especially in the area of digital teaching (see below).

Within the framework of the Quality Pact Teaching Project "Leuphana... On the Way!", the subject-related Learning Specialists of the Leuphana Teaching Service also contribute their didactic expertise to a large number of teaching development projects. In accordance with the university's development plan, the five fields of interaction - dialogue-oriented, digital, diversity-oriented, experience-oriented as well as inter- and transdisciplinary teaching - form the focal points of the content.

The Leuphana Teaching Service makes good teaching visible. It is the central hub at which information and experience on teaching, learning and teaching development are bundled and brought into a lively exchange - university-wide, with a constant eye on current developments in the (inter)national educational landscape. A yearly highlight is the Teaching Day and the awarding of the Leuphana Teaching Awards.

In its monthly news mail the teaching service informs about current topics of teaching at Leuphana and beyond. This includes in particular: offers & dates, announcements & competitions, current topics & news. Are you interested in the Newsmail and would like to be included in the distribution list? Or would you like us to draw your attention to certain teaching-related offers in our Newsmail? Then, simply write us an e-mail (lehrservice@leuphana.de).