Inter- and Transdisciplinary Learning

Inter- and transdisciplinary teaching is aimed at empowering students to investigate and resolve complex global issues in science and the professional world where these cannot be handled based on one discipline alone. The many different subject combinations available at Leuphana as well as the complementary studies elements at the College, Graduate School and Professional School provide a space for collaborating across subject boundaries as well as the opportunity to train and develop the necessary competences. 

Courses apply the approach of linking different knowledge areas and methods in order to move away from mere parallel developments towards integrated new knowledge, thereby subjecting teaching and organisational conditions to different demands and challenges to create courses focused on basic (subject-based) theories and (subject-based) methods. At times, these are run by a team of several lecturers from different disciplines, or they might deal with contents and questions which students develop in projects, perhaps across several semesters.

Your Teaching Service Contact - Inter- and Transdisciplinary Learning Specialist

Student Assistant

Emma Kennedy
Universitätsallee 1, C7.407
21335 Lüneburg