2023-05-05 In the context of Leuphana's research initiative "The Disruptive Condition".

Leuphana University Lüneburg, a foundation under public law, strives to foster the development of academic careers and outstanding research by awarding five doctoral scholarships within the context of Leuphana's interdisciplinary research initiative "The Disruptive Condition".
The interdisciplinary research initiative deals with the socio-historical experience of disruption that characterizes globalized societies as a whole in their polycrisis-like constitution. If these societies are increasingly confronted with disruptions and the threat of collapse on the most diverse levels and in local forms and intensities, their ways of acting, reacting and producing are themselves increasingly determined by logics of disruption. Disruption is the name of a historical condition, but it also denotes a strategy, a technique and a discourse. Possible research focuses on the technical-medial, political-economic, socio-historical, conceptual, aesthetic and ecological constellations of disruption, which are investigated in the course of case studies (preferably from different countries/regions/world areas) and/or fundamental, for example historical or social theoretical elaborations.
This call is aimed at outstandingly qualified applicants from a range of subjects in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences. The prerequisite for receiving a scholarship is that applicants are admitted to doctoral studies at Leuphana University of Lüneburg at the start of the scholarship and are enrolled in the doctoral program.
The duration of the scholarship is initially one year, with the possibility of extension up to a maximum period of 3 years in total. A scholarship cannot be awarded to those who have already completed their doctorate.
The amount of the doctoral scholarship is €1,300 per month plus a child allowance, if applicable. Additional professional or other activities in addition to the work on the doctorate may not exceed a working time of 8 hours per week on an annual average.
The scholarship holder is expected to carry out a dissertation project within the scope of the named subject area at Leuphana University Lüneburg. The scholarship entails continuous and active participation in the study program of the Graduate School and the activities of the doctoral colleges, including the research colloquia.
The dissertation should take the form of a monograph.
The following opportunities are offered within the framework of the scholarship:

  • Participation in a research colloquium on the overarching theme of the research initiative
  • Participation in the international program of events of the research initiative
  • Workplace at Leuphana
  • Travel support for visits of conferences and symposia 

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Excellent Master's degree in the relevant subject areas, especially cultural studies or related subjects
  • Willingness to participate in a larger research context
  • Very good knowledge of German and English 

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, please contact Prof. Dr. Erich Hörl by e-mail (
If you have not yet received notification of admission to doctoral studies from Leuphana University Lüneburg, please send an application for admission to doctoral studies with all the relevant documents by post to the Student Services. You can find the application and information on the application procedure here:
The admission requirements for doctoral studies at Leuphana University Lüneburg can be found in the doctoral regulations of the School of Culture and Society. You can find the doctoral regulations at
Please submit your application via email in one merged PDF file including

  • Informal cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae including a description of your course of study and your research activities to date
  • Academic transcripts (German or English; in the case of other languages, officially certified translations)
  • Relevant references (e.g., from academic activities)
  • Description of the planned dissertation project (max 6 pages) incl. its preliminary title
  • Letter of admission for doctoral studies from Leuphana’s School of Culture and Society (can be submitted later, must be received by the start of the scholarship)

with the subjekt “Disruptive Condition” to

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg


Deadline for applications is June 30, 2023