Hon. Prof. Dr. Rodney Irwin

Hon.-Prof. Dr. Rodney Irwin
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg

Rodney Irwin is a 25 year experienced finance director and professionally qualified Chartered Accountant who has gained an international reputation in Non-financial Reporting and Sustainability, financial control, internal auditing, business ethi cs, corporate governance, internal control over financial and non-financial reporting, quality, environmental and health and safety management and has also taught at university level. He is regularly requested to speak and international conferences on mea suring, valuing and reporting on natural and social capital, sustainability reporting, integrated reporting, internal control, auditing and assurance and Risk Management and his recent engagements have included key note addresses in London, Chicago, New Yo rk and Dubai. He has delivered governance and business ethics courses on the MSt Sustainability Leadership at Cambridge University, BSc in Business Economics at The Hague University and IIA coursed on business ethics at Nynrode Business University in the Netherlands and has developed Sustainability seminars with A4S and CISL and is the course director of the WBCSD Leadership Programme and Managing Director of all WBCSD education offerings.

Rodney has experience at some of the world’s leading organisations and has a global perspective an d empathy for cultural diversity including 12 years in senior finance roles reporting to the Board and Supervisory Board at TNT. A trained and competent facilitator Rodney has worked with both Boards and Supervisory Boards i n multinational organisations in the private and humanitarian sectors. In 2002 – 2005 Rodney presented the idea of embedding enterprise wide risk management into the UN World Food Programme and was successful in getting a formal risk management programme r olled out in the WFP, the first of any UN organisation to do so. As a result he has facilitated risk management sessions with senior UN staff in India, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Haiti and Washington and at the UN headquarters in New York.