Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sonia Valdivia

Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sonia Valdivia
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg



  • 05.1995 Graduation as " Doctor (Doktor rer. pol.)"
  • 1991 – 1995 Doctorate , Karlsruhe University, Institute for Industrial Production in Karlsruhe, Germany. Field of research: "Policies for Environmental Management"
  • 1989 Specializatio n in Finance, Catholic University of Peru in Lima, Peru
  • 1988 Bachelor of Sciences in Industrial Engineering
  • 1981 – 1987 Studies in Industrial Engineering, Catholic University of Peru in Lima, Peru

Accreditations and certificates

  • Since 2013 05.2000 - 12.2005: Trainer on carbon footprint of products, World Resource Institute Trainer on water footprint of products, UNEP/SETAC Life cycle Initiative
  • 05.2000 - 12.2005: Auditor ISO 9000 International Register of Certified Auditors ( IRCA ) certificate No. 00/502943/10717
  • 1999 - 12.2005: Lead auditor ISO 14001 Lead Auditor for Germanischer Lloyd Certificatio certificate No. 521)


  • 08.1990 – 04.1995 KAAD: German Academic Catholic Services for Foreigners (Doctorate program)
  • 03.1998 SIDA: Swedish International Development Agency (Seminar on ISO 14000 in Sweden)

International Work Experience

  • 08.2014 - onwards: Programme Manager. World Resources Forum.
    Coordinator of the Roundtable on Sustainable Recycling Industries  (www.sustainable - recycling.org) Responsible for the portfolio on Life Cycle Management
    Results :
    Launched and ISO International Workshop Agreement process to develop
    Guidance Principles for Addressing Sustainability Crit eria in Metals Recyclin11.2005 – 07.2014
  • 11.2005 – 07.2014: Program Officer. United Nat ions Environment Program (UNEP) in Paris, France.  Coordinator of the  Secretariat of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative  (www.lifecycleinitiative.org) (’05 - ’14), of the Project on  ‘ Integrating Resource  Efficiency in International  Supply Chains ’ (’12 - ’14)  and  on  ‘ Sustainable Resource Management  (SRM)  in Latin  Ame rica ( ’10 - ‘12:  gesrelac.wordpress.com)’
    Results: Eight Sustainable Resources Management and eight Life Cycle Management projects implemented in developing countries. Nine UNEP publications co - authored
    Eleven UNEP publications supervised and launched. Three international conferences per year co - organized. Funds raised amounting to USD 500 000 – 1 000 000 per year.
    Topics addressed: Environmental impacts of unsustainable use of natural critical resources - Water and carbon footprinting. Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Social LCA. Life Cycle Assessment Databases - Capability Development on Life Cycle Issues worldwide. Capability Maturity Model on Life Cycle Management along the Value Chain. Lessons Learned from a Decade of LCAs in the Food - Packaging Sector.
  • 12.2009 – onwards: Subject editor for regional economies. Int. Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. Working fields: Life cycle sustainability assessment, sustainable mining
  • 06.2004 - 03.2005: Researcher. Wuppertal Institute for Environment, Climate and Energy. Wuppertal,  Germany Working fields:  Life Cycle Assessment of Gold (Acc. ISO 14040)
  • 09.1999 – 10.2005: Environmental (ISO 14000) and Quality  Mana gement Systems Auditor (ISO 9000). Germanischer Lloyd.
  • 01.2002 – 03.2004: Responsible for the  Swiss Reference Center in Peru led by EMPA to support the Cleaner Production Centre in Peru. Peru.
  • 04.2002 – 12.2002: GIZ (former GTZ) c oordinator of REPAMAR (Panamerican Network for Environmental Waste Management). Active in  Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Me xico, Panama, Peru.
    Four projects managed and concluded: Handbook of toxic products and hazardous wastes at home. Risk assessment of used batteries in Latin America. Risk assessment of used pes ticides ́ cans in Latin America. Risk assessment of used motor oil in Latin America
  • 12.2001 – 02.2002: Social and Environmental Evaluator of the Peruvian building Company Graña y Montero for international investors. Peru.
  • 11.2000 – 10.2001: Consultant for REPAMAR (Pan - American Net for Waste Management). CEPIS (Pan - American Center for Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences). Peru.
    Results: Pan - American clearing house developed on Hazardous Wastes and Toxic Substances in Spanish
  • 05.1999 – 12.2000: Researcher. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. Wuppertal, Germany.
    Results: Handbook  on “ Rational Use of Energy ” contracted by CDG (Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft) for the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mining. Wuppertal  - Germany, 1999 (in Spanish)
  • 12.1998 – 04.1999: Environmental Consultant - Waste Management. ECOTEC. Peru.
  • 09.1997 – 11.1998: Senior  Expert, Ministry of Environment of Peru, for Project SENREM (Sustainable  Environmental Natural Resources Management). Peru.
    Working fields:
    National Clearinghouse developed for pollution prevention
    ISO 14000 program launched in Peru with 8 companies certified
  • 05.1996 – 08.1997: CEC consultant (Commission for Environmental Cooperation for North America:  USA,  Canada and Mexico). Mexico.
    Result: A Pollutants Releases and Transfers Register (PRTR) developed and Pilot Trial implemented  in Mexico
  • 06.1995 – 04.1996: UNITAR consultant (United Nations Institute for Train ing and Research). Geneva,  Switzerland & Mexico.
    Results: A  Pollutants Release and Transfer Register and Pilot Trial in Mexico designed.
    Training workshops on PRTR organized for public officers and industries in Mexico.