Current Semester

The new Corona regulations allow for a summer semester in attendance. The 3G regulation for the campus is no longer applicable. The mask requirement remains in effect. For more information, please see the central mail dated 06/01/22.

This means that teaching will generally take place on campus. In addition, there are exceptions for faculty as well as students who belong to a risk group or are in quarantine. In these cases, it is possible for affected teachers to conduct their teaching purely digitally. Students can participate receptively in the context of a video transmission independent of location.

The initiatives, concepts and concrete applications of digital tools that have been developed and tested in recent semesters are welcome to continue to be used to enhance didactic quality and supplement on-site teaching. The same applies to digitally provided formats and materials (e.g. videos) for self-learning times, e.g. in the sense of the Flipped Classroom approach.

Guidance on Digital Platforms and Tools as well as on the implementation of hybrid teaching can be found on the Teaching Service web pages.

Classroom teaching in the summer semester

Courses and examinations in the summer semester will in principle again take place in presence. Research will be possible without restrictions. All university facilities will be open on a regular basis.

For all participants in courses, the obligation to wear an FFP2 or medical respirator mask will initially remain until the end of the lecture period of the summer semester. Participants in courses are also required to wear a respirator mask when traveling to and from university buildings. Instructors may remove the mask as before, provided they maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from the participants in their course.

In all other non-teaching situations, the requirement to wear a respirator will be waived as of June 01, 2022. University members are advised to continue to wear an FFP2 or medical respirator in all situations where a minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. Consideration for the needs of individuals for whom corona infection may pose a particular health risk continues to be requested.

Hybrid teaching in large events

Students who - e.g. due to an existing immunosuppression - have an increased risk of a severe course despite vaccination or who are in quarantine or self-isolation due to a corona infection should also be able to passively participate in lectures via video stream in the summer semester as far as possible. In these cases, all instructors are again asked to set up a video stream as much as possible using the transmission technology installed in the course rooms, but are not required to actively engage students in the course.

Instructors who belong to an at-risk group as defined above, or who are unable to teach face-to-face for medical reasons, or who are in quarantine or self-isolation, will continue to have the option of offering their course in an alternative or online format during the summer semester. If you are a member of an at-risk group, please obtain approval from the academic dean's office responsible for your course upon submission of an appropriate medical certificate.

It is not yet possible to predict how the pandemic will develop during the summer semester. There is a possibility that further increases in incidence or hospitalization rates may necessitate at least a partial return to alternative formats as well. We would therefore like to thank all lecturers for having again deposited an alternative mode of delivery for your courses in the coming summer semester in accordance with the applicable Corona Annexes to the Framework Examination Regulations in myStudy in order to be prepared for such an eventuality.

As a supplement to undergraduate face-to-face teaching, but not as its substitute, the use of online or hybrid teaching or study elements as part of an otherwise fully face-to-face on-site course will continue to be possible in the summer semester 2022 and can be used above all in those cases in which such an offering has proven to be an improvement for the quality of teaching and studying or makes sense for didactic reasons. Online formats can also be used in future in courses offered in the Professional School or in doctoral studies.

Notes on 3G mode

In the summer semester, in accordance with the agreements of the federal and state governments, the previous obligation to provide proof of 3G status for students will be dropped.
In our opinion, the elimination of the obligation to provide proof of 3G status is also justifiable at Leuphana, particularly in light of the fact that the members of the university have so far complied very responsibly with all hygiene regulations, and that we also have a particularly high vaccination rate, especially among students, according to all information available to us.

More information on the verification of 3G by students through teachers can also be found in the central mail of 03/28/22 at point 4.

Digital Teaching and Learning Culture

In order to make joint teaching and learning in digital or hybrid settings as productive, transparent and fair as possible, the following recommendations have been developed in the participation of teachers, students (AStA and STuPa) as well as deans, deans of studies, the executive committee, the teaching service and other colleagues. They are not legally binding, but should rather serve as a guideline for good cooperation between teachers and students, although they still have to be specified in the respective courses. Furthermore, the contents are only to be understood as a snapshot and are to be subject to continuous, reflected further development.

Recommendations for an Open and Fair Digital Teaching and Learning Culture

Latest Information

Current and basic information on the start of the semester, examinations and teaching activities were and are communicated via the central distribution lists and can be accessed here at any time.

Service & Support

Do you have questions about the implementation of hybrid or digital teaching-learning formats? Whether they are of a more technical or didactic nature; the Support Team Digital Teaching will be pleased to assist you. Please send your questions to

Information especially for students concerning hybrid and digital teaching or the use of online tools can be found on the website for Student Digi-Support. In addition, the Student Digi-Support Team is happy to answer individual questions via