Project "Leuphana... auf dem Weg!"

The project “Leuphana... on the right track!” applies the unique countrywide study concept of Leuphana University of Lüneburg and correspondingly refocuses responsibilities and work areas. Accordingly, the project objective in the initial funding phase was to set up a strategic quality management and teaching development network, which in particular is integrated into the organisational structures on which the Leuphana study concept is based.

In addition to setting up the network, the project task was to implement concrete measures for improvements in the four fields of action of quality management, study programme development, teaching development and university as a community. Sustainable results were achieved in developing studies and teaching at three levels:

  • personal sustainability
  • structural sustainability
  • cultural sustainability.

The basic design concept of the LadW project already included safeguarding of personal sustainability. Instead of establishing new institutions which would no longer be able to continue after the funding deadline, the approved resources were used to add staff to existing institutions and as such to ensure knowledge transfer at the end of the funding period. All faculties and schools as well as Team Q and the Teaching Workshop received support from their assigned project employees in designing their processes. 

In this way, the knowledge and key tools developed during the project continue to be available even after the end of the 1st funding phase. This includes, in particular:

  • The tools developed (further) for the purpose of quality management:
    • Internal audit process including external Programme Advisory Council and evaluation of the collected data
    • Quality Circle
    • Course evaluation , SHIFT , system queries.
  • The degree structures, degree programmes and schedule of studies transitions developed (further) at the faculties and schools:
  • The teaching development offers developed (further):
    • Re-designed Teaching Award
    • Discussion series with the winners of the Teaching Award on the topic of testing
    • Offers for newly appointed staff continued by the Vocational Service
    • Newsletter.
  • Initiatives implemented by the team University as a community:

During the initial funding phase, concrete measures were developed and implemented in all four areas of action, which can continue independently of third-party financing along the lines of structural sustainability. This includes, in particular:

  • Portal teaching as a new central navigation area of the Leuphana website
  • New introductory Master’s programmes as part of the Teacher Training Course and Graduate School
  • Internship database
  • Further development of the Teaching Workshop to create a Teaching Service
  • Quality Advisory Council and Programme Advisory Councils for all degree programmes
  • Reform of Leuphana Seminar and Complementary Studies at the College and Graduate School  

In addition to personal and structural sustainability, the LadW project is also aimed at developing university culture at Leuphana and as such it also focused on safeguarding cultural sustainability. This includes, in particular: 

  • University-wide discussions in the five interaction fields of diversity-focused teaching, digital teaching, experience-based teaching and inter-/transdisciplinary teaching to develop a specific subject and didactic teaching profile at Leuphana
  • University-wide dialogue in new exchange formats across all status groups
  • Implementation of measures to improve studies and teaching across institutions as influenced by the network