Project "Leuphana... auf dem Weg!"

Initial funding phase (2012-2016) - Development of quality and teaching in the four fields of action

Funded by the Teaching Quality Pact.

In the field of action ‘Quality development’, initial applications primarily provided feedback from external programme accreditations indicating that key elements of Leuphana quality management had been designed but were not yet fully developed into an independent system at the time. As a result, the development target to create closed quality cycles at all levels was formulated. To this end, e.g. the so-called Quality Circle (QC) for degree programmes needed to be developed further, and comprehensive interim, final and alumni surveys needed to be performed.

Field for action Quality development – Development targets (SOLL)
Close the quality cycle and turn it into an independent system.
Enable ongoing moderation of QC, teaching reports and monitoring of follow-up measures.
Create effective internal and external evaluation processes to replace programme accreditation.


In the field of action ‘Degree programme development’, the aim was primarily on establishing coherent degree elements and study support offers. The principle of Learning through Research, a key concept of the University, had not yet been fully implemented when the application was made, and was to be differentiated further in the project.

Field for action Degree programme development – Development targets (SOLL)
Harmonise degree structures and transitions in the degree process alongside the Leuphana study concept, develop completion format for Leuphana Bachelor.
Boost study support (information, advice and systematic support).
Integrate learning through research as a basic didactic principle, more intensely promote student responsibility for their own study success.

The initiatives in the field of action ‘Teaching development’ are aimed primarily at lecturers individually, and in addition to target-group formats also promote the acquisition of competences through increased reflection on one's own learning and discussions with colleagues about the study concept and teaching at Leuphana. The University also aims to increase its English-language study offers, and this was included in the work programme by promoting specific measures and developing course evaluation further.

Field for action Teaching development – Development targets (SOLL)
Develop and continuously implement offers for young professionals, members of temporary teaching staff and young teachers relating to the programme structure at Leuphana.
Design low-level information and motivational events to broadly integrate lecturers into the study concept.
Promoting English-language courses through temporary lecturers and supporting non-Native lecturers.
Differentiated follow-up measures for course evaluations.

The field of action ‘University as a community’ comprises development targets aimed at establishing a university-wide quality culture and a systematic exchange between the different groups of actors and the institutions involved in studies and teaching. This also includes refocusing responsibilities and work areas while taking a shared approach of the study concept and setting up a university-wide communication process to promote greater quality teaching at Leuphana.

Field for action University as a community – Development targets (SOLL)
Initiate a systematic, integrated development process for university culture (University as a community) involving temporary lecturers as “ambassadors” of the study concept.
Ensure coordination and cooperation between schools, faculties, lecturers and students by systematically creating networks.
Carry out a university-wide communication process at Leuphana specifically focused on teaching quality.