Konferenz: The Future of Graduate Education

At the end of its 10th anniversary festivities, Leuphana Graduate School invites all those who are interested to attend the anniversary conference on “The Future of Graduate Education.“ Depending on your background – whether you are a student or a representative of a university, a scientific organization or a foundation – your perspective of graduate education may vary signifcantly.

Along with the conference participants, experts from different institutions and with different academic backgrounds will reflect on the subject and contribute to our discussion of the challenges and chances of Graduate Education. How can graduate education respond to the complex demands of future working environments, research settings and everyday life? Is Graduate Education ready to face trends in society, as for example, the growing importance of digital literacy or an increasing degree of international mobility? Should such skills already be part of Master programs? If so, should universities link the Master and doctoral phases more closely? And how can we foster science and knowledge transfer from Graduate Education into society and economy?

The conference’s workshops are designed in reference to the Graduate School’s four strategic areas

  • Internationalization of Graduate Education
  • Digitalization of and, respectively within, Graduate Education
  • Flexibility and Interdisciplinarity
  • Dynamic Interaction between University, Society and the Economy