Motivations- und Allgemeine Psychologie

Welcome to the website of the Team of Motivation and General Psychology! Our team investigates the dynamic, complex world of human motivation, emotion, and self-regulation. What motivates you to visit our website in particular? How do you come up with the energy to read it from beginning to end? What keeps you reading in the face of distractions (e.g., nearby noise) and difficulties (e.g., unstable network)? We take a psychological approach to exploring questions such as these. Based on the Rubicon model of action phases, the theory of action control by implementation intentions, and the mindset theory, we seek to understand how conscious and non-conscious processes influence people’s cognition, emotion, and behavior. Our research methods span from highly controlled lab experiments to field studies, and we use a multi-method approach, including observational, self-report, reaction time measures, and real-life behaviors. Our team aims to apply the discovered principles and interventions to solve real-world problems.