Praktikum Major Psychologie


Internships provide students majoring in psychology with practical experience and help students gain insights into the ins and outs of working in the field. Although internships for psychology major vary depending on the work area and the employer, there are some elements that all students across positions share: students can gain professional skills that are difficult to learn in a classroom setting, and they are given opportunities to horn the knowledge learned at the university in internships. Importantly, these experiences allow students to see what takes place behind the scenes, which helps to smooth the transition from university work to a professional role. Internships provide students with references based on which they could deliberate which area they want to spend their careers in. Given this, in this seminar, we will discuss students’ experiences of their internships (e.g., whether did they do their internship? Why did they choose this internship? What was the motivation? What did they expect from the internship? What were the activities/tasks accomplished in the internship) and their reflections on their internships. Specifically, based on students’ internship experiences, we will discuss the transfer from theory to practice (e.g., was the knowledge gained from studies of psychology relevant during the internship? Did the knowledge help the students to understand or facilitate certain aspects of the internship? Did the knowledge open up intriguing perspectives or even enable students to put interesting suggestions into practice?) and the fulfillment of their expectations (e.g., did the internship meet students’ expectations? What did they learn and take with them? Did the internship influence their choice of career?). 

The internship is not a required part of the curriculum in the Major Psychology. In general, you should independently seek an internship in private companies, public institutions, or internal/external university research institutions to complete your internship. Specifically, internships can be completed in companies and public institutions as well as in university-internal and -external research institutions.

The module “Internship Major Psychology” in the complementary study program “Practice-oriented approaches to inter- and transdisciplinary sciences” is offered in both summer and winter semesters. The minimum duration of the internship in the corresponding module is 4 weeks (mandatory internship component).

In view of the current Corona crisis, the internship can also be carried out in a home office, as long as this is supported by the employer and the employer provides you with a confirmation of the four-week full-time internship.

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Upon the completion of this course, students should be able to:

  •  improve their skills with respect to the transfer of theoretical knowledge to practice,
  •  learn to interact effectively with professional staffs
  •  learn to effectively use individual and group supervision,
  •  acquire specific professional skills essential for beginning career roles in the work area in which they are placed,
  •  understand their strengths and weakness in the study and practice of psychology,
  •  stimulate their awareness and careful planning of future career goals.

Requirements for internship credit:

The primary supervisor of the internship within the company/organization/research institution/clinic must have a university degree in psychology (either diploma, master’s degree, or doctorate in psychology). The activities within the internship must be predominantly professional in nature, i.e., corresponding to the activities of (prospective) psychologists or psychologists. The internship report must be accompanied by an internship certificate from the company/organization/institution/clinic, which must be signed by the primary supervisor. The internship certificate must indicate the academic degree of the primary supervisor (e.g., Dipl. Psych., MSc Psych., Dr. rer. nat. in Psychology).


It is often expected by companies/institutions that basic knowledge in the field of psychology has already been acquired when assigning challenging tasks. Therefore, it is recommended that the internship be completed in a higher semester (5th semester or higher). You should actively and independently search for an internship position that is suitable for you. Completing further internships or longer internship periods can be useful depending on the subject orientation, availability of places, and requirements of the sponsoring organizations (companies, public institutions, research institutions), but is not obligatory as an examination performance in the module. Following the suggestions of the German Psychological Society (DGPs), a total internship period of 8 weeks is recommended (4 weeks are mandatory). It is also recommended to take the module in the semester in which you have been accepted for an internship. Furthermore, it is recommended to complete the internship outside the lecture period in order not to suffer any disadvantages in the ongoing courses.

Sometimes, there is a prerequisite for the participation in the internship program at some organizations: a study-related compulsory or elective internship is mandatory in the study regulations of a university or college. If this is the case, a corresponding certificate confirming the mandatory nature of the internship as part of the module can be found below. Please download the Sample Confirmation Letter of Participation Module Internship Major Psychology below and then further contact the teaching staff for this module on MyStudy.


The examination in the module Internship Major Psychology (Fundamentals) consists of (1) the internship, (2) a report, and (3) a PowerPoint presentation in the internship forum. Thus, the completion of a four-week internship is a mandatory component for the successful completion of the module (mandatory internship). 

Assessment of the examination performance

The performance in the module will be graded based on the internship report (70% of the final grade) and your poster presentation (30% of the final grade). Participation in the internship forum and the associated poster presentation is mandatory for the successful completion of the module. In addition to the poster for the internship forum, you will complete an internship report as par part of this course. Report templates can be found and downloaded below. In addition, you should also submit a copy of your internship certificate (minimum 4 weeks full-time) along with the report. For the language of the internship report and presentation, the internship report can be written in either English or German, the presentation should be prepared in English for ease of discussion.