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Visiting professor Dr. Tripti Pande Desai: The two different Indias

14.09.2018 "India may be thought of as two Indias – urban and rural," says Dr. Tripti Pande Desai. "The two Indias are very different, and neither knows much about the other. Women in rural India have always worked, while the urban working woman is a relatively new phenomenon," the scientist explains.

The long-standing visiting professor of business psychology and management at Leuphana conducts research on work-family balance in her native India and knows how much the country has changed in the post-colonial era – which includes the rapidly changing domestic and family space as also the work –personal life interface. While people still lived together as extended families during the British colonization, the families are now becoming smaller. A major contributor to this fundamental change is the entry of working women into the urban workforce. Tripti Desai sees this opening as an advantage for employees and economy: "The urban educated Indian women will go very far in the future. Our research shows that women who work are happier, since they have two domains to choose from, for putting their energies and getting space to satisfy their passions and needs." Currently she is a professor of the Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the New Delhi Institute of Management at New Delhi, which is ranked among the top business schools in India.

Autorin: Marietta Hülsmann