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"Man fühlt sich willkommen". Interview mit internationaler Studentin Talent Hwati über das Studium an der Leuphana

27.04.2015 Currently, 129 international students are studying at Leuphana’s Graduate School. Through an interview 25-year old Talent Hwati from Simbawe describes her life in Lüneburg as an international student and what it’s like to study at Leuphana University.

There are currently more than 350 international students at Leuphana University, 129 of them do their Master’s at Leuphana Graduate School. 

25-year old Talent Hwati studies the M. Sc. Public Economics, Law and Politics. She started her studies at Leuphana last year. Through an interview she talks about her experience at Leuphana.   

Talent, you did your Bachelor’s in Simbabwe and decided to do your Master’s in Germany. Why did you choose Leuphana University?
I came here to do my Master Program, Public Economics, Law and Politics, and I have two more Semesters to go. I am 25 years old. Before I came here to Lüneburg I went to Göttingen to do language courses.

Why did you choose Leuphana University?
I chose Lüneburg because it fits perfectly to my fields of studies. And I got a scholarship.

Do you remember your first day at Leuphana? How did you feel?
Yes, I remember it well. I came here first just for a day to visit and all I thought was: It is too small! I was wondering how it’s gonna work. But when I started here, I started to love it and I still love it. It’s really a welcoming place and has a lot to offer.

Do you enjoy life in Lüneburg? What are the main differences from your daily life at home?

Lüneburg is a small city, but regardless you can do a lot of things in a peaceful way. It helps to concentrate on your study and relax. It is a beautiful city! And whenever I feel like I need a bigger city I go and visit Hamburg.

What did you expect from your time in Germany? Does your stay come up to your expectations?

Obviously my expectations are to learn more about my field of study, learn more about German culture and lifestyle and build relationships with other students from Germany and all over the World. And I love to travel, so I’ve been to a couple of places in Germany and also to Italy.

Do you have favorite place in Lüneburg? What is the thing you will miss most when you go back home?

I actually recently discovered it, the Lüneburg Heide. I go there by bike and it is a beautiful place. I think, I will miss Kartoffeln and Frikadellen…

What do you miss in Germany?
First I really miss the good weather. The winter was really kind of depressing here!
When I came here to Germany I came from a community where everybody is friend with everybody and everyone talks to everyone. I found it kind of hard in Germany because everyone is living its own individual life and keeps a distance to the people around. That’s really different to our life in Simbawe!

How long are you planning to stay here?
I plan to finish in one year and to travel during my last semester and then I will go back home to my family.

What is your advice to new international students at Leuphana so they have a good start?
First of all: Know the language! And you really have to know what you want, what your aims are - and then you will get it. And travel a lot, there is so much to discover in Germany and other European countries. Make German friends and go out a lot, especially in the winter. Don’t live alone, find a WG that will help to make friends and you do not feel alone in a new country!

Thank you for the interview and enjoy your stay in Lüneburg!

Das Interview führte Lisa Wagner (Universitätskommunikation).

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