Forschungskolloquium Wirtschaftsinformatik

Forschungskolloquium Wirtschaftsinformatik

30. Jun

Im Rahmen des Forschungskolloquiums Wirtschaftsinformatik und Data Science referiert Herr Robert Heinecke, CEO und Gründer von Breeze Technologies,  über "Interpolation of air quality data on the basis of mobility, environmental and urban topography data" am 30. Juni 2022 um 16:15 Uhr via Zoom.


Air pollution is a significant environmental hazard, particularly in cities. Based on the approx. 500 automated official air quality monitoring stations in Germany, it is currently impossible to make consistent, comprehensive and precise statements about the sources and distribution of air pollutants. Even new technologies such as cheaper air quality sensors cannot close all measurement gaps. It is therefore necessary to interpolate air quality data, i.e. to calculate missing air quality values based on other datasets. Local air quality depends heavily on many different parameters. Traffic is one of the biggest influencing factors. On the basis of pre-existing air quality data, traffic data, city planning and other environmental data, an AI-based interpolation model has been developed as a prototype in the InterLuft project by Breeze Technologies, a Hamburg based startup. The project has been funded by the mFund program from the German Federal Ministry for Transportation and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). The output data will be made usable for various other applications.


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Passwort: ReCoISDS

Foto Robert Heinecke ©Achim Multhaupt