Internationalization @ home: Lessons learned from two years of fostering digital and international seminars

10 Minuten digiTaL

30. Jan

Der Lehrservice lädt alle Interessierten herzlich zur Vortragsreihe „10 Minuten digiTaL“ ein - immer dienstags, von 12 bis 12:10 Uhr in Hörsaal 4.

Referent*in: Anna Sundermann

Today, it is expected that university graduates are prepared to deal with a globalized society and to reflect on the consequences of their actions within this interculturally diverse society. Internationalization at home, which means the systematic integration of international dimensions into courses and degree programs facilitated by digital teaching and learning approaches, is suggested to enhance the development of these intercultural competencies. In this short presentation, five lessons learned from the development of five digital and international courses for master's and doctoral students will be presented.

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  • Jascha Brandes