Sommersemester 2022

Climate Resilient Communities in the Caribbean

How to foster community impact? What makes a community resilient? Who needs to engage in climate adaptation action? For the second cohort of students, this transdisciplinary community impact research project, offered by Steffen Farny, again focuses on the intersection of climate resilience, communities and social innovations. The setting of the project is a Small Island State in the Caribbean in which communities face continuous challenges to adapt to changing climatic conditions and threats to their livelihoods. In their quest to become ‘climate resilient communities’, Islanders in the Caribbean are currently struggling to mitigate and adapt to changing climatic conditions and impactful catastrophes, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and the ongoing pandemic. Student teams are expected to both zoom out and generate sustainability-related knowledge, as well as to zoom-in via concrete entrepreneurial action interventions with local partners.
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Measuring the impact of sustainable start-ups: A practical application of impact logics and measurement tools

In the comlementary studies course for master study programmes, students learn the basics of impact measurement and apply them in small groups to a sustainable start-up in a practical project. The basics are taught in a 2-day block at the beginning of the semester. Both impact logics such as the Theory of Change and measurement methods such as the B Corp Assessment are introduced and embedded in a process of impact measurement. Subsequently, the students form small groups. Each of the small groups develops in cooperation with a sustainable start-up a concept for impact measurement for the respective organisation. The teachers support this process through coaching sessions every second week. The course concludes with a presentation of the concepts to the organisations. This course can be particularly interesting for students who would like to pursue the designed concept in the context of their Master's thesis in cooperation with the case companies.
For further information, Leuphana students can inform themselves about the course on MyStudy