Transformational Entrepreneurship Days Workshops

Entrepreneurship Meets Sustainability: (Re-)Designing Teaching Methods and Tools

Kjersti Blauenfeldt Næss (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Fufen Jin (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Alexa Böckel (Leuphana), Maren Fokuhl (Leuphana), and Frederic Penz (Leuphana)

On the second day of the Transformational Entrepreneurship Days, the focus is on Entrepreneurship Education. In this particular workshop, the organizers will elaborate on how to (re)design methods and tools aimed to increase students’ skills, mindset and a set of values to act entrepreneurially to actively contribute to the transformation towards sustainability. They will focus on 1) sustainability as the context to apply entrepreneurship methods and tools, 2) redesigning existing entrepreneurship or sustainability teaching methods by incorporating and adding elements from the adjacent field, and 3) developing novel teaching methods and tools for sustainable entrepreneurship.

Target group: Educators, researchers and practitioners who are interested in developing education at higher education institutions

Date: 22rd of September, 9.15 – 11.30 CEST

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A Match Made In Heaven: Connecting Researchers & Practitioners in Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship

You are an impact-driven, sustainable, social and purpose-orientied entrepreneur or practitioner? Or an interested, open, changemaking student or researcher? 
Then be part of our matchmaking workshop, being part of The Leuphana Transformational Entrepreneuship Days! 
In this event practitioners can bring with them their questions and together these will be discussed further in break-out sessions. 
In the end, practitioners, students and researchers are motivated to discuss further steps like possible research projects or thesis'. 

Date: 23rd of September, 9:15 - 11:30 CEST

You are interested? Find out more about the event and the registration process!