Conference Papers


Perspectives on Liability for Space-related debris, in:
Space Debris, Status and Prospects, RAST 2013, Recent Advances in Space Technologies, AIAA, IEEE, et al., Istanbul, June 2013.

Who's information? How advanced small satellite missions can boost the enforcement of international rules governing data exchange for disaster monitoring and climate change, in:
Small Sattelites for Earth Observation, International Academy of Astronautics, 9th International Symposium of the IAA, Small Satellites, 2013, Berlin, Sandau/Röser/Valenzuela (eds), 2013, 193-194


European Conference on On-Orbit Servicing and Active Debris Removal, Liability for ADR and OOS, Brussels, 30th October, Institute Francais des Relations Internationaux IFRI/Secure World Foundation SWF

Liability for Space debris revisited (paper no. 025), Liability for satellite driven technology: the space automated vehicle, (paper no. 167), Toulouse Space Show,  June 2012, CNES, Region Midi-Pyrénées, Université Toulouse

A regulatory road map for small satellites, Paper;
Small Satellites Systems Symposium, European Space Agency, Portoroz,
Slovenia, June 2012

Overview of Legal Situation on Worldwide Satellite Data Transfer,
CIRM, Paper, Annual Conference, Rome, April 2012


Rechtliche Perspektiven und Umgang mit Geoinformationen nach der INSPIRE Richtlinie, in:
Zwischen Multisensorik und freien Geodaten: Neuartige Praxislösungen kombinierter Messinformationen, Tagung, Verband Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure (VDV), Bildungswerk Fulda-Künzell (15. April 2011)

The ISS: An appraisal of International and European Cooperation within the Human Space Exploration Effort, co-author, Carla Sharpe
Symposium 15, International Space University (ISU), (February 2011)



Liability for Satellite Navigation Signals and Services, An Overview: at: Practitioners' Forum, European Centre for Space Law (ECSL), March 2010, ESA, Paris

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, Paper, Big Brother is Watching you: Privacy issues contra Navigation, baVAIRia, 2010

Space information: A Digital Social Contract for the 21st Century? in: Symposium 14, International Space University (ISU), Paper Poster (February 2010)

Die INSPIRE Richtlinie  und ihre Umsetzung ins nationale Recht, Paper, in: Rechtsfragen der Geoinformationen,  BavAIRia/DLR München, 27th January 2010


International Regulatory Aspects of Space and Climate Change, UK Parliamentary Space Committee, London, October 2009

Munich Satellite Navigation summit, Paper, GNSS on Tracks and Air, Liability for Rail Navigation failure, baVAIRia, 2009

Tipping the scales in favour of greater control over space data in the information era? Paper, Symposium 13, International Space University (ISU), February 2009

Legal and Regulatory Context for National Space Activities, Eurisy, Models of Governance for National Governance and Space Activities in the Evolving European Framework -, Budapest, January 2009.


European Space Policy as a Catalyst for developing international cooperation in space exploration and European space legislation, Paper, DGLR Workshop, To Moon and Beyond, Bremen, September 2008

Legal Framework for Satellite Supported Applications - Galileo Paper, EURNEX-ZEL-GNSS - Zilina  Workshop, Slovakia, May 2008 (TU Braunschweig/DLR/UIC Paris/Bombardier)

From googled informaion to planetary information rights? A critical appraisal; Paper: Symposium 12, International Space University (ISU), February 2008


Legal Aspects of Data Sharing and Space Situational Awareness: Space Situational Symposium, European Space Policy Institute, Vienna

Furthering Commercial Operations in Space: European Space Policy as a backbone for novel forms and international cooperation in space exploration; Paper, To the Moon and Beyond; DGLR; Bremen, March 2007