Aktuelle Meldungen

Attendance in Potsdam: Helmuth Plessner Gesellschaft

14.02.2016 Gregor Schmieg participated in the conference "Mensch und Gesellschaft zwischen Natur und Geschichte: Zum Verhältnis von Philosophischer Anthropologie und Kritischer Theorie“, Helmuth Plessner Gesellschaft, Potsdam, February 11th – 13th 2016.

In the historical perspective of the conference sustainable development can be said to imply certain anthropological notions of the conditio humana in combination with a critical approach to the development of society. Thereby the intellectual traditions of the 20th century as addressed during the conference are transferred in to a preeminent discourse of the 21st century on sustainable change in relation to History and Nature, one of the main concerns of CCP and a matter of reformative intellectual endeavor.