Studium Individuale at the Leuphana College: Open Days 2017

How can I link my different interests and bring them into my studies? How can I take responsibility for my own studies whilst learning together with other people? These are some of the central questions that potential students bring to the Open Days, the Studium Individuale’s Information day. More

Scientists at the Leuphana: Dr. Arvid Bergsten is working at the Faculty of Sustainability 

Arvid Bergsten is a post-doctoral Marie Curie fellow at the Faculty of Sustainability. His research deals with sustainability and collaborative governance, with a case study on food security in Ethiopia. Bergsten's work takes place at the meeting point of the social and the biological sphere. More

Master’s program Competition & Regulation is restructured

Master’s program Competition & Regulation takes place in a new format

How to deal with the increasingly complex legal world. More

Start-up Faces: The online-video-company introduces itself

Entrepreneurship with documentary advertising. More

A guest at Leuphana: Sustainability scientist Prof. Dr. Armin Wiek

Scientifically supported solutions for sustainability problems. More

Critique in the Media, Art and within Society reflects our Culture 

The Search for the next Generation of Academics. More