Study finds there is less knowledge about global species diversity than assumed

Previous studies on global species diversity are inaccurate. These are the conclusions of an international research group, including the researcher PD Dr. Andreas Schuldt from Leuphana. The group carried out a study in the subtropical forests of China. It was published in the journal “Nature Communications”. more

Entrepreneurship Research: Entrepreneurial Activity Breeds Entrepreneurial Passion

The more effort one ploughs into one’s company's success, the more enthusiastic about one’s own entrepreneurial activity one becomes. These are the findings of a research project led by the psychologist Prof. Dr. Michael Gielnik, recently published in the "Academy of Management Journal". more...


Massive Open Online Cours: 17,000 members of more than 170 nations

Leuphana developed an online course with the Goethe-Institut. more

Leuphana starts Unique Study Program on Human Rights

Launch of the new study program in Berlin. more

Emotion Knowledge Fosters Attentiveness: New Study Released

Advantage of children with high level of emotion knowledge more

Leuphana and Arizona State University Partners on Global Center

The two universities founded a Sustainabilty Center. more