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Veranstaltungen von Beatriz Watts


Sustainable Mining Practices, Soil Remediation, and Waste Management (FSL) (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Beatriz Watts

wöchentlich | Montag | 16:15 - 18:30 | 16.10.2023 - 20.11.2023 | C 11.007 (Edulab)
wöchentlich | Montag | 16:15 - 18:30 | 27.11.2023 - 02.02.2024 | C 7.016 CAD-Labor | Raumwechsel ab 27.11.23

Inhalt: This course, titled "Sustainable Mining Practices, Soil Remediation, and Waste Management (FSL)" delves into the multifaceted challenges and practices associated with mining communities, with a particular emphasis on environmental and social aspects. The course content encompasses: Environmental and Social Challenges in Mining: Students will critically analyze the environmental and social challenges prevalent in mining communities, drawing on case studies from Latin America, Africa, and other regions. Sustainable Mining Practices: The course will explore sustainable mining practices, aligning them with the Sustainable Development Goals. Topics will include responsible mining, community engagement, and local development projects. Soil Remediation: An introduction to soil contamination caused by mining and its environmental impacts will be provided, followed by an in-depth exploration of various soil remediation techniques. These techniques will span chemical, physical, and biological methods. Waste Management Approaches: The course will study innovative waste management approaches, focusing on the recovery of valuable resources from waste streams. This includes material recycling, phytoremediation, and bioremediation. A special emphasis will be placed on the management of mining waste, including radioactive waste. Data Analysis and Visualization: Students will utilize tools such as Google Earth and other data sources to visualize mining activities, environmental impacts, and changes in vegetation. They will also analyze data from government agencies and NGOs to evaluate the economic and environmental feasibility of waste management strategies. Guest Lectures and Field Trips: The course will feature guest lectures from industry experts and professionals in the field of sustainable mining and waste management. Field trips to local scrap waste management facilities will provide students with first-hand experience. Interactive Learning: Group projects and interactive simulations will be used to engage students and enhance their learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the course material. This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices in mining, equipping them with valuable competencies for their future academic and professional pursuits.