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Veranstaltungen von Prof. Prof. h. c. ICB Dr. Ullrich Günther


Religion as a Source of Law (FSL) (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Ullrich Günther, Susan Gale Wintermuth

Einzeltermin | Sa, 15.04.2023, 08:15 - Sa, 15.04.2023, 16:00 | C 12.107
Einzeltermin | So, 16.04.2023, 10:15 - So, 16.04.2023, 16:00 | C 12.107
Einzeltermin | Sa, 22.04.2023, 08:15 - Sa, 22.04.2023, 16:00 | C 12.107
Einzeltermin | So, 23.04.2023, 10:15 - So, 23.04.2023, 16:00 | C 12.107
Einzeltermin | Do, 11.05.2023, 08:45 - Do, 11.05.2023, 10:15 | C 12.105 | Prüfungsform: Kombinierte wissenschaftliche Arbeit
Einzeltermin | Do, 11.05.2023, 13:00 - Do, 11.05.2023, 19:00 | C 12.315 Besprechungsraum | Mündliche Prüfungen

Inhalt: The source of laws today originated with religious beliefs, beliefs that guided and ruled human behaviour before there were parliaments. Those beliefs, along with their customs and practices, evolved into the laws we have today. This can be one source of explanation and understanding of the laws today and the theories and public policies underlying them. The focus is its role in the developement of general civil and criminal (non-religious) law. Approximately the first half covers psychological and sociological explanations of religion. The second discusses religiously embedded ideas that lead to the later developpment of legal systems. This course takes a socio-psychological approach to the question of the source of our laws, focusing on both civil and common law, but covering also other families of laws, such as religious and tribunal law.