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Veranstaltungen von Dr. Stefan Kruse


State, Market and Civil Society: Introduction to Political Sociology (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Stefan Kruse

14-täglich | Montag | 12:15 - 15:45 | 06.04.2020 - 10.07.2020 | C 14.006 | Digital Class via Zoom

Inhalt: Political sociology continues to be an essential subfield in sociology, covering a broad array of relevant themes to everyday life. We begin with a discussion of the central concept in political sociology: power, and explore the core concepts in the study of power. The course discusses the main theoretical frameworks in political sociology that organize the work of political sociologists, each of which presenting very different arguments about how to understand the connections between power, politics, and society. We thereby examine how various sociological perspectives conceptualize the state. Given sociology's emphasis on understanding the role of culture in daily life, the seminar addresses the links between culture and politics. Thereby, the course emphasizes (traditional) features of political culture, such as political values and ideology, and the study of how these values are acquired and link it to more recent theorizing, which combines institutions and culture to understand the nature of politics. The course also examines the nature of political participation and how individuals, political groups, the state, and others exercise power to shape political and social outcomes. We also discuss the role of social movements that use both institutionalized and noninstitutionalized activities to achieve their goals and identify the key concepts in social movement studies. Another important topic of political sociology covered in this course is political violence and its various causes as well as state responses.

Introduction to Data Analysis using Stata (FSL) (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Stefan Kruse

Einzeltermin | Mo, 04.05.2020, 18:15 - Mo, 04.05.2020, 19:45 | C 40.255 | digitale Veranstaltung
Einzeltermin | Fr, 26.06.2020, 14:15 - Fr, 26.06.2020, 18:00 | C 12.001 | digitale Veranstaltung
Einzeltermin | Sa, 27.06.2020, 10:00 - Sa, 27.06.2020, 18:00 | C 12.006 | digitale Veranstaltung
Einzeltermin | Fr, 03.07.2020, 14:15 - Fr, 03.07.2020, 18:00 | C 9.102 | digitale Veranstaltung
Einzeltermin | Sa, 04.07.2020, 10:00 - Sa, 04.07.2020, 18:00 | C 9.102 | digitale Veranstaltung

Inhalt: The course provides an overview of the epistemological and methodological basis of empirical social research and its application using the statistical software package Stata. Based on the logic of social inquiry and recurrent methodological issues, such as causality, this seminar will provide basic skills of how to handle the Stata software, introducing this program's data management, graphics, analysis, and modeling capabilities.

Methods of Law and Politics (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Axel Halfmeier, Stefan Kruse

wöchentlich | Donnerstag | 14:15 - 15:45 | 06.04.2020 - 22.05.2020 | C 14.006 | Law / Professor Halfmeier
Einzeltermin | Mo, 27.04.2020, 12:15 - Mo, 27.04.2020, 13:45 | C 40.704 | Politics / Kruse - Online Kick-Off Meeting via Zoom
Einzeltermin | Fr, 10.07.2020, 14:00 - Fr, 10.07.2020, 18:00 | C 3.120 | Politics / Kruse
Einzeltermin | Sa, 11.07.2020, 10:00 - Sa, 11.07.2020, 16:00 | C 3.120 | Politics / Kruse

Inhalt: METHODS OF LAW The course will be a reading class on the subject of "Impact studies" - does law have social impact, under what conditions and how can this be assessed. Participants will read and discuss pieces from various authors on this issue. As long as the university is closed for virus reasons, the discussion will take place in the mystudy forum. METHODS OF POLITICS This course offers a straightforward introduction to the field of research as practiced by political scientists. It emphasizes the research process by showing students how to design and construct projects, introducing qualitative and quantitative modes of observation, and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data.