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Methods for Digital Media Studies (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Götz Bachmann, Robert Samuel Hughes Rapoport

wöchentlich | Mittwoch | 09:45 - 13:15 | 02.12.2015 - 29.01.2016 | extern | HMS

Inhalt: As digital media students, how can we start to understand the impact of digital media on society? For example, how can we start questioning how friendship is being performed today? Or how a political uprising begins? How can we describe the nature of memes or other digital artifacts? Research methods – while seemingly dull and systematic, offer a way of organizing our research, and help us read and come to a number of conclusions regarding the various phenomena we want to study. The methods of studying digital media phenomenon are vast and range across disciplines. Those wishing to understand digital media phenomena have, in the past, borrowed tools from sociology, psychology, anthropology, and the humanities. This “survival guide” serves as an introduction to the various research methods for studying digital media, helping new students understand the systematic nature of science, and the diverse approaches of an emerging discipline.