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Dramatize This! Writing and Performing for the Stage and Screen. Englisch C1 (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Maryann Henck

wöchentlich | Freitag | 12:15 - 15:45 | 04.04.2022 - 08.07.2022 | C 5.310 Seminarraum

Inhalt: This seminar is not just for drama kings and queens, but for anyone interested in the link between written and spoken words in general as well as composing and performing dialogues in specific. By examining excerpts from plays, sitcoms, and dramadies, we will explore possibilities for transforming stories into dramatic scenarios. In the following sessions, we will experiment with creative writing techniques that will help you craft dialogues for your own dramatic scenario. The seminar will consist of group peer-editing sessions as well as individual appointments to support you during the creative process. Of course, drama is meant to be performed. Therefore, at the end of the semester, you will be expected to translate your dramatic scenarios into a final mini-performance, e.g. on stage, as street theater, or in sitcom/dramedy format.