LIAS Talk: “From the EU Parliament to the Americas: The global rise of the extreme right today”

Miguel Urbán, MEP

30. Nov

30. November 2023, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Campus | Central Building C40.501

Many democracies around the world are facing the challenge of confronting right-wing populist movements. Miguel Urbán Crespo has engaged for years both in national and European politics. On the basis of his newest book "Trumpismos. Neoliberales y Autoritarios",he will reflect on right-wing populism as a global political phenomenon and what can be done to mobilize against it.

Miguel Urbán is a member of the Left Group of the European Parliament representing Spain. Before joining the EU Parliament, he was a co-founder of the Spanish left-wing party Podemos. His three books also testify to his engagement with the new right and the mobilization of resistance against it: "El viejo fascismo y la nueva derecha radical" (2014), "La emergencia de Vox. Apuntes para combatir a la extrema derecha Española" (2020) and "Trumpismos. Neoliberales y Autoritarios" (2023).