Research at Leuphana

We are driven by a thirst for discovery and a passion for theoretical and practical problems. Our ambition in research is to make a difference with the results - for the sciences and for society. Early career researchers are an important part of our community as they carry this aspiration into the future. We recognise socially relevant issues early on and continually consider which approach is best and which non-academic perspectives to include. We not only strive for academic excellence, but also see our campus as a laboratory, an academic playground, a courageous start-up and a sensorium for new social impulses. In order to strategically live up to this claim, we bundle our academic diversity in the following five profile topics:

Current Research Information System (CRIS)

Leuphana's Current Research Information System (CRIS) is a research database that provides quick access to the continuously updated profiles, publications and projects of the researchers working at Leuphana. More