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The Research Service team assists members and affiliates of the university community conduct research at a qualitatively and quantitatively high level. In addition to individual support and advising, one of the team's core tasks is to provide continuing development of internal support measures. The Research Service reports to the Vice-President for Research and Humanities, Prof. Dr. Erich Hörl. The members of the team are active in professional networks at the regional, national and EU level. Among other things, they cultivate contact with the European University Association and are involved in the Forschungsreferent*innennetzwerk, an affiliation of professionals working in research and innovation management at German universities and other German research institutions; in euroCRIS, the European Organization for International Research Information; and in DINI, the German Initiative for Network Information.

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Research Fundraising

The Research Service provides assistance with the conceptual design of custom-fit applications, advising on funding opportunities and support with the development of third-party funding requests for public and non-profit sources of funding.
It acts as an interface between Finance, Personnel Services, the Legal Affairs Office and other administrative units that are included in the application process. It ensures that applications are not turned down for technical reasons, and that the rules and interests of the University are protected.
The Transfer Center in the Professional School provides assistance with contract research and transfer projects.

Get in touch with us for:

  • Information on funding programs and requests for proposals
  • Advice on project design and research applications
  • Project assistance and support
  • Events on research funding


  • Dr. Susanne Hinck
  • Dr. Stefan Friedrich

Current Research Information System (CRIS)

Research Reporting

The research service maintains Leuphana's research information system, and supports faculties, institutes and staff units in preparing reports for performance-related funding or for evaluations. For awarding research prizes, approximately 1,500 publications and other research services as well as approximately 200 third-party funded projects are evaluated annually. Applications for the presentation of research achievements on personal websites and the university's website are developed in cooperation with university communications.

Get in touch with us for:

  • Research-related Public Relations and Reporting
  • Support with evaluation and selection procedures, rankings and ratings
  • All manner of research information and statistics
  • Use of the CRIS
  • Research data for websites or external specialist databases


  • Dipl. jur. Binh Long Duong (LL.M)

Internal Support & Funding

The Research Servise has a support fund for the development of research activities at the university. All of the support is based on scholarly performance and the international standards of the various communities of specialists.

The internal support measures include:

  • Individual advise & consultation (ALMA)
  • Research awards
  • Research semesters
  • Small research projects (seed funding)
  • Conference funding
  • Team building (ALMA)

Application documents for internal funding opportunities can be found here on the intranet.

► You can find our current programme here 
► Please register for our events via the Gradskills portal

    Contact for general questions regarding the Research Fund

    • Dipl.-Oec. Anke Zerm

    Research Culture (ALMA)

    The Research Service offers individual consultations and training through ALMA, the program for the promotion of research culture. Under the so-called "host model," teams of scientists can initiate tailor-made workshops, e.g. on methods and scientific writing. Seminars and events are organized to facilitate an exchange of experiences across disciplines or, upon request, for institutes and science initiatives  

    Contact us for more information on:
    individual consultation on research planning, in particular for newly appointed and postdoctoral researchers
    workshops, seminars and tutorials on third-party fundraising, publication strategy, good scientific practice, etc.

    ► You can find our programme here.


    • Dipl.-Oec. Anke Zerm

    Research Communications

    All things research communications. Also check here for Tips & Tools (Intranet)


    • Dr. Katharina Graßmay