Studying at Leuphana: Set your own educational goals!

What does it mean to study in freedom? It means getting to the bottom of things, unfolding the complexity of the world through precise analysis. In this way reliable, albeit provisional, answers can be found to the questions: What is given? What can be done? What are the consequences?

A better understanding of the world also effects to better understand oneself in the world, one's point of view and possibilities. In this way, individual answers to the questions: What do I want to do? What can I do?

You have the freedom to acquire what interests you in such a way. You have the freedom to find out what you really want, for yourself, for your fellow human beings, for a global society. Studying at Leuphana offers these freedoms.

The Academic Environment: a suitable School

The appropriation has different forms of thoroughness and purpose. Therefore, it was obvious for us to be the first and so far the only public university in Germany to create an institutional framework that would ever be appropriate, a school.

Leuphana has three schools:

  • for the Bachelor the College: it forms the gateway to the academic world by teaching the diversity of scientific methods during the Leuphana semester, combining life-world issues with a scientific approach during the starting week and conference week, and providing a holistic education through major, minor and complementary studies.
  • for the Master's and PhD, the Graduate School: it aims at specialisation and scientific proximity, for example through the Doctoral Track in the Master's and the Doctoral Colleges, but at the same time expands career options through interdisciplinary qualifications
  • for the part-time Bachelor's and Master's degree, the Professional School: with its specific orientation, it enables university education alongside the job and focuses with its programmes on targeted professionalisation.

All information on the study programmes, application and admission can be found on the website of the respective school:

College, Graduate School, Professional School

Three schools for a shared understanding of education

The institution of a school makes it possible to realise a common educational claim across subject boundaries and study programmes. The common educational idea is also reflected in the interdisciplinary study contents, which are designed and coordinated at Leuphana by the schools together with the faculties.

Thus, the College organizes the Leuphana Semester as well as the complementary studies. And in addition to the specialization at the Graduate School and the application orientation at the Professional School, interdisciplinary study content is also taught there, which is coordinated centrally.

Study Objective Education

It is an old educational ideal to be able to orientate oneself better in thinking and in the world. We at Leuphana make it possible for you to realize this educational claim for yourself.

If you succeed in finding out where you stand and where you want to go, how you get there and what responsibility you have in doing so, then you have achieved something that is particularly close to Leuphana's heart.

Study objectives according to the mission statement

Leuphana's mission statement is based on three guiding principles, which also guide the study objectives:


Humanism considers the goals. We associate with humansim the conviction that we can decide for ourselves where we want to go in life, and thus what kind of person we are. The aim of studying at Leuphana is to become aware of where I stand and which goals I consider desirable and why.


Prgmatism considers the means, not the methodical ones, to achieve an insight, but the practical ones, which bring about a change in the world. Which means lead to the goal, which ones are given and which ones can be brought about in what way? The aim of studying at Leuphana is to recognize potentials, but also risks and the feasibility of projects.


We understand sustainability as a claim to take the expected consequences into account from the very beginning, because we feel jointly responsible for them. The aim of studying at Leuphana is to question and assess possibilities, intentions, actions and norms in this respect.

Thirst for knowledge connects students and teachers

At Leuphana, students and teachers form a community driven by a common interest in knowledge: They want to find out what they don't know yet.

Is this matter worth investigating? Does the solution work? Is there another way to look at it? Do we really know it? How can we proceed? What have we gained? It is such connecting questions from which an academic learning community emerges, regardless of the different experiences in academic work.

Selection procedure and support

For the admission procedure, Leuphana applies a multi-stage selection. This takes into account grades, individual motivation and cultural or political commitment as well.

In the course of this process, the College conducts selection interviews to get an idea of the motives and intellectual maturity. In this way, we ensure a selection of those who can benefit most from studying at Leuphana across all study programs.

Leuphana promotes students who are active in top-class sports and offers the opportunity to pursue one's musical and artistic interests on campus.  

A large part of the study programs are offered in English to increase the internationality during and after the studies.

In addition, Leuphana offers its students intensive start-up advice. As a result, it has repeatedly been the most start-up-friendly of the medium-sized universities in Germany. The Career Service helps graduates to make a successful start in their professional life.


The Leuphana Campus: a place for exploration

Our campus is a think tank, an academic playground, an inexhaustible start-up.
It is a place of learning, a source of inspiration, a retreat and an event location.
It is what we make it. True to Mallarme: Le lieu c'est ce qui a lieu!

Leuphana Campus impressions

Lüneburg: A city to fall in love with

How do you dream of your place of study? With a fully preserved old town? With a cosy flair and short distances? Do you dream of reaching the metropolis of Hamburg within a short time (30 min) and spontaneously making a day trip to the Baltic Sea beach?

Too good to be true? Not at all, Lüneburg offers all this. Our students love it.

discovering Lüneburg

Leuphana: No utopia. But a place for utopias.

An academic conference organised by all first semester students? An opening week in which solutions for social challenges are worked out together? Festival organisation as a course achievement? Founding a start-up on campus?
All this sounds utopian? But it is not. At Leuphana it is reality.

And what is your utopia?

Continuation of the successful utopia conference at Leuphana

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