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Degree programmes and courses

Leuphana University Lüneburg offers more than 30 different degree programmes in a variety of departments. No matter whether Bachelor’s or Master’s, full-time, part-time or professional – studying in Lüneburg is worth your while. Take advantage of degree programmes that are distinguished by extensive dialogue among the disciplines, outstanding expertise, optimum guidance and a practical orientation – programmes that offer lots of room for your own curiosity and initiative. Learn about the individual majors and doctoral programmes at Leuphana and discover your possibilities in Lüneburg!


Leuphana College provides extensive guidance and practical instruction, right from the beginning. Close collaboration with students in other fields permits an interdisciplinary course of studies towards the Bachelor's degree that provides optimal preparation for today’s job market.

Graduate School

Leuphana Graduate School offers graduate programmes that, in addition to the acquisition of research competencies, also feature interdisciplinary collaboration and practical experience. You can continue to deepen your knowledge and enroll in a doctoral programme directly following your Master’s degree.

Professional School

Berufsbegleitend Studieren an der Leuphana Professional School

At Leuphana Professional School, you combine career and continuing education thereby laying the groundwork for future advancement in your career. Our offers encompass professional Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, certificatesseminars and a programme that enables students to audit courses at Leuphana.

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