LL.M. blended-learning programme: Competition and Regulation Masters

The Master's programme Competition and Regulation is not offered anymore. 

Competition Law - Regulation Law - Business Law

The LL.M. blended-learning competition and regulation Masters was launched by Leuphana Professional School in 2013. This programme offers working professionals a unique opportunity to specialise in competition and regulation law in Germany. Students in the LL.M. degree programme will build up extensive legal and economic expertise over the course of three semesters. The Masters programme, which is taught entirely in English, is also recognised as a qualification for the title of Fachanwalt or Fachanwältin für Vergaberecht (procurement lawyer).

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The online-learning LL.M. Competition and Regulation programme is designed to teach specialist competition and regulation law expertise in the light of the economic aspects of the field. There is strong focus on practice, with a range of practitioners involved in the programme.

Pioneering competition law qualification with the blended-learning LL.M.

Graduates of the blended-learning LL.M. Competition and Regulation

  • have in-depth knowledge in the law of competition and regulation
  • have a basic command of the function of markets
  • have the ability to analyze the opportunities and limits of state interventions in markets, and
  • are ideally prepared for the application of economic questions within the framework of the law of competition and regulation
  • have a unique legal specialism that opens up a wide range of career prospects

Admission requirements and application

To whom is this programme directed?

The continuing-education Masters programme resulting in an LL.M. in Competition & Regulation is intended for jurists, lawyer trainees, assessors and attorneys interested in further qualifications in the areas of competition and regulation law. Those successfully completing the Masters programme have an opportunity to continue on to the doctoral degree.

Special feature for lawyer trainees

With our innovative study concept, you can pursue an LL.M. in Competition & Regulation parallel to your traineeship.

Five months prior to the exams for the second state examination in law, legal trainees can interrupt their studies at Leuphana and continue them following the examination.

Please bear in mind that this programme does not qualify you for a student visa as there are no classroom session times.

How does the application process work?

Applications for the Competition and Regulation LL.M. can be submitted online at any time. The deadlines are 10 December for programmes commencing in the following April and 31 May for programmes commencing in October. Our online application system allows you to complete your application simply and easily online and upload any accompanying documents. You can also save your draft application for completion later. Once the deadline has passed, all documents are reviewed and the admissions process starts.

Course of study: LL.M. online-learning programme - the concept in brief

With effect from the 2020 summer semester, the format of the Competition & Regulation LL.M. is being changed to online study: the entire programme will be online. Many of the LL.M. classes are offered as Live-Online-Seminars and you can study from your laptop at home. This makes it even easier to combine study with your professional commitments and ensure the right balance with your private life.

Costs and Funding

Why are tuition fees charged for the professional Competition and Regulation Masters?

Unlike for standard full-time or part-time Masters programmes taken at university, fees are payable for continuing education programmes such as the Competition and Regulation Masters. This is because the entire course has to be funded from fees as the state does not subsidise such programmes.

What are the fees for the Competition and Regulation Masters?

The fees for the professional Competition and Regulation Masters are 9700 euros. A semester contribution, currently around 210 euros, is also charged each semester. Instalment payments possible.

Is funding available?

A range of funding options are available for professional programmes. Which ones are open to you will depend on your individual circumstances. We have put together a list of funding options for you on our website. You can also use our financial advisory service.

Great reasons to choose the LL.M.

  • Obtain an LL.M. online while working
  • Pioneering legal specialisation in competition and regulation
  • Qualification as Fachanwalt/-anwältin für Vergaberecht (procurement lawyer)
  • Small groups
  • Combination of legal and economic content
  • Wide-ranging expertise from the main global competition and regulatory systems
  • Learn from leading practitioners in competition and regulation law
  • Free and expert advice
  • Flexible entry options

Resources and events for prospective students

Are you considering the professional LL.M. programme Competition and Regulation and would like to find out more? Why not take advantage of our wide range of information and advisory events and services:

  • Individual consultation and application check: Many questions are best resolved in a personal consultation. To set up your appointment, please contact the programme coordinator, Ramona Tax (car@leuphana.de, phone +49.4131.677-1913). The consultation is also an opportunity to have your application checked and ask any questions about the recognition of credits.
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This programme received external accreditation by the FIBAA.

Contact & Advising

Ramona Tax
Universitätsallee 1, C4.201
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2311

E-mail contact

Please feel free to contact us via car@leuphana.de.