Courses For Companies: Actively Shaping Continuing Education

Finding and retaining qualified employees in the long term is a key issue for companies. Demographic change is set to intensify, and digitisation is posing new challenges for businesses. In the light of these trends, training is a more than worthwhile investment in your organisation. Promoting the professional development of your employees offers them new career prospects and strengthens their company loyalty. At the same time, you generate new expertise from which your company benefits. The Leuphana Professional School, one of the foremost academic providers of continuing education in northern Germany, is the perfect partner for continuing education for working professionals.

Continuing education for specialists and managers

Continuing education courses at the Professional School are specifically geared to current and future labour market needs. We offer professional continuing education programmes for specialists and managers in a range of different fields: professional Masters programmes, certificates, Bachelor programmes or continuing education courses such as coaching and seminars. Why not take advantage of our wide range of training options: your employees further their professional development and bring the latest expertise and new energy to your company.

You can support your employees in various different ways, for example by granting them leave of absence to attend classes or by providing financial assistance.

The benefits at a glance

  • Employee retention: Allowing employees to study whilst working helps you to retain capable and highly qualified staff
  • Combination of theory and practice: The combination of academic teaching and business practice means that your employees – our students – contribute to a continuous exchange of knowledge
  • Attendance at work: Most block seminars run at the weekend so that students are not absent from work
  • Knowledge transfer within the company: The new knowledge acquired by staff who study can be passed on directly to other employees in the company
  • Improved employer branding: By offering continuing education opportunities, you can position yourself as an attractive employer


Many employers provide financial support to employees taking professional degrees, for example by covering tuition fees or the travel and accommodation costs associated with studying. In these cases, an agreement is usually drawn up under which your employees undertake to remain with the company for a certain number of years after completion of their training The agreement sets out arrangements for the (pro rata) repayment of the fees funded in the event that the employees leave before the specified date.

From October 2019: Germany scholarship awarded

With a monthly donation of 150 Euro you can award your own scholarship to Leuphana. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research doubles the amount so that young talents are supported with 300 euros per month. Take your chance: Get to know the most talented students from all degree programmes and find suitable junior staff.

Further information on the Germany Scholarship

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