Quality-assured Studies and CPD

Quality management measures at Leuphana Professional School

In order to guarantee high quality CPD and study programmes, the Professional School continuously performs several quality management tasks. In this way, for example, all the courses of study are accredited by external accrediting agencies, thus ensuring compliance in shaping and further developing the programmes. Furthermore, in the course of quality assurance, evaluations and surveys are carried out and quality circles are organized, which give the possibility for feedback and constant improvement of the courses.

Quality Management at Leuphana Professional School

Internal Quality Management and Assurance: What we do

Evaluations of the taught course components

Survey carried out during the course of study

Quality Circle

External Quality Assurance: Accreditation

Within the framework of the external quality assurance, all CPD Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes are assessed and accredited by external accrediting agencies, such as the FIBAA or the AHPGS. For special course offers, such as for example courses leading to certificates, such assessment procedures are being developed at this moment in time.

What does Accreditation mean?

What is Programme accreditation?

What does the accreditation procedure of a programme of study look like?

Is Leuphana System Accredited?

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