Negotiation and conflict management in construction projects: Certificate course

Practice-oriented further education at Master level

The programme is offered in the German language and is thus directed at prospective students with a good command of German. The programme’s German-language web pages provide detailed information needed on the content of the course and application procedures.

All those involved in the construction know: Due to the many imponderables that affect practically every construction project (disruptions in the planning and construction process, changing arrangements, weather influences, changing subsoil with consequences for the construction period and costs), a constant balance of interests is indispensable, both on a formal and informal level. Conflicts cannot always be avoided, but must be resolved amicably in order to avoid lengthy and costly legal disputes for both sides. In the end, it is always a matter of realising a joint project.

Whether in negotiations on offers, supplements or final accounts, in acceptance procedures or in the weekly construction site meeting: the permanent threat of construction stoppage exacerbates conflicts, but at the same time forces us to find negotiated solutions. This is where the further education programme Negotiation and Conflict Management in Construction Projects, developed in close cooperation with the successful extra-occupational Masters programme in Construction Law and Construction Management, comes in.

At a glance

Degree: Certificate of Advanded Studies (CAS)
Credit Points: 15
Length of study: 1 term extra-occupational
Language: German
Start date: in April
Application deadline: January 31
Costs: 4.900 Euro in total plus the current term contribution of 207 Euro per term
Director: Dr. Marco Warsitzka

Contact & Advising

Björn Vauk, M.A.
Wilschenbrucher Weg 84, W401
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-7927